Papers by J. Tworzydło

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 12.29 228 2006/06/20 Sub-Poissonian Shot Noise in Graphene J. Tworzydło, B. Trauzettel, M. Titov, A. Rycerz, C. W. Beenakker
2 4.57 112 2007/09/05 One-Parameter Scaling at the Dirac Point in Graphene J. H. Bardarson, J. Tworzydło, P. W. Brouwer, C. W. Beenakker
3 4.09 51 2010/07/21 Majorana Bound States without Vortices in Topological Superconductors with Electrostatic Defects M. Wimmer, A. R. Akhmerov, M. V. Medvedyeva, J. Tworzydło, C. W. Beenakker
4 3.69 85 2009/11/06 Theory of the Topological Anderson Insulator C. W. Groth, M. Wimmer, A. R. Akhmerov, J. Tworzydło, C. W. Beenakker
5 1.34 22 2009/04/09 Quantum Goos-Hänchen Effect in Graphene C. W. Beenakker, R. A. Sepkhanov, A. R. Akhmerov, J. Tworzydło
6 0.99 48 2004/10/07 Quantum-to-Classical Crossover of Quasibound States in Open Quantum Systems H. Schomerus, J. Tworzydło
7 0.78 22 2011/09/22 Quantum Hall effect in a one-dimensional dynamical system J. P. Dahlhaus, J. M. Edge, J. Tworzydło, C. W. Beenakker
8 0.76 10 2014/01/09 Quantum phase transitions of a disordered antiferromagnetic topological insulator P. Baireuther, J. M. Edge, I. C. Fulga, C. W. Beenakker, J. Tworzydło
9 0.67 35 2003/09/25 Dynamical model for the quantum-to-classical crossover of shot noise J. Tworzydło, A. Tajic, H. Schomerus, C. W. Beenakker
10 0.62 22 2007/07/12 Valley-isospin dependence of the quantum Hall effect in a graphene p-n junction J. Tworzydło, I. Snyman, A. R. Akhmerov, C. W. Beenakker
11 0.50 14 2010/03/19 Absence of a metallic phase in charge-neutral graphene with a random gap J. H. Bardarson, M. V. Medvedyeva, J. Tworzydło, A. R. Akhmerov, C. W. Beenakker
12 0.27 13 2008/02/13 Correspondence between Andreev reflection and Klein tunneling in bipolar graphene C. W. Beenakker, A. R. Akhmerov, P. Recher, J. Tworzydło
13 0.18 26 2003/02/26 Hypersensitivity to perturbations of quantum-chaotic wave-packet dynamics P. G. Silvestrov, J. Tworzydło, C. W. Beenakker
14 0.17 8 2009/11/24 Switching of electrical current by spin precession in the first Landau level of an inverted-gap semiconductor A. R. Akhmerov, C. W. Groth, J. Tworzydło, C. W. Beenakker
15 0.04 19 2008/12/31 Finite difference method for transport properties of massless Dirac fermions J. Tworzydło, C. W. Groth, C. W. Beenakker
16 0.03 9 2012/09/27 Metallic Phase of the Quantum Hall Effect in Four-Dimensional Space J. M. Edge, J. Tworzydło, C. W. Beenakker
17 0.02 11 2010/06/21 Effective mass and tricritical point for lattice fermions localized by a random mass M. V. Medvedyeva, J. Tworzydło, C. W. Beenakker
18 0.01 22 2004/04/27 Quantum-to-classical crossover of mesoscopic conductance fluctuations J. Tworzydło, A. Tajic, C. W. Beenakker
19 -0.01 23 1999/01/01 Quantum magnetism in the stripe phase: Bond versus site order J. Tworzydło, O. Y. Osman, C. N. Van Duin, J. Zaanen
20 -0.05 9 2012/04/20 Metal–topological insulator transition in the quantum kicked rotator with Z2 symmetry E. P. Van Nieuwenburg, J. M. Edge, J. P. Dahlhaus, J. Tworzydło, C. W. Beenakker