Papers by Z. A. Xu

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1 6.53 19 2015/01/30 Unconventional superconductivity in quasi-one-dimensional Rb2Cr3As3 Z. T. Tang, J. K. Bao, Y. Liu, Y. L. Sun, A. Ablimit, H. F. Zhai, H. Jiang, C. M. Feng, Z. A. Xu, ..., G. H. Cao
2 5.46 20 2015/02/09 Superconductivity in Quasi-One-Dimensional K2Cr3As3 with Significant Electron Correlations J. K. Bao, J. Y. Liu, C. W. Ma, Z. H. Meng, Z. T. Tang, Y. L. Sun, H. F. Zhai, H. Jiang, H. Bai, ..., G. H. Cao
3 3.99 13 2016/03/28 Helicity-protected ultrahigh mobility Weyl fermions in NbP Z. Wang, Y. Zheng, Z. Shen, Y. Lu, H. Fang, F. Sheng, Y. Zhou, X. Yang, Y. Li, ..., Z. A. Xu
4 3.76 43 2009/02/20 Effects of cobalt doping and phase diagrams of LFe1xCoxAsO (L=La and Sm) C. Wang, Y. K. Li, Z. W. Zhu, S. Jiang, X. Lin, Y. K. Luo, S. Chi, L. J. Li, Z. Ren, ..., Z. A. Xu
5 2.63 128 2001/11/21 Onset of the vortexlike Nernst signal above Tc in La2-xSrxCuO4 and Bi2Sr2-yLayCuO6 Y. Wang, Z. A. Xu, T. Kakeshita, S. Uchida, S. Ono, Y. Ando, N. P. Ong
6 2.54 8 2016/06/21 Majorana Zero Mode Detected with Spin Selective Andreev Reflection in the Vortex of a Topological Superconductor H. H. Sun, K. W. Zhang, L. H. Hu, C. Li, G. Y. Wang, H. Y. Ma, Z. A. Xu, C. L. Gao, D. D. Guan, ..., J. F. Jia
7 2.49 27 2014/05/30 Artificial Topological Superconductor by the Proximity Effect J. P. Xu, C. Liu, M. X. Wang, J. Ge, Z. L. Liu, X. Yang, Y. Chen, Y. Liu, Z. A. Xu, ..., J. F. Jia
8 2.02 50 2010/03/25 Optical investigations of the normal and superconducting states reveal two electronic subsystems in iron pnictides D. Wu, N. Barišić, P. Kallina, A. Faridian, B. Gorshunov, N. Drichko, L. J. Li, X. Lin, G. H. Cao, ..., M. Dressel
9 1.69 25 2015/01/07 Experimental Detection of a Majorana Mode in the core of a Magnetic Vortex inside a Topological Insulator-Superconductor Bi2Te3/NbSe2 Heterostructure J. P. Xu, M. X. Wang, Z. L. Liu, J. F. Ge, X. Yang, C. Liu, Z. A. Xu, D. Guan, C. L. Gao, ..., J. F. Jia
10 1.53 12 2015/02/25 Heavy surface state in a possible topological Kondo insulator: Magnetothermoelectric transport on the (011) plane of SmB6 Y. Luo, H. Chen, J. Dai, Z. A. Xu, J. D. Thompson
11 1.20 35 2009/11/02 Infrared phonon anomaly in BaFe2As2 A. Akrap, J. J. Tu, L. J. Li, G. H. Cao, Z. A. Xu, C. C. Homes
12 1.06 6 2014/08/29 Possible charge-density wave, superconductivity, and f-electron valence instability in EuBiS2F H. F. Zhai, Z. T. Tang, H. Jiang, K. Xu, K. Zhang, P. Zhang, J. K. Bao, Y. L. Sun, W. H. Jiao, ..., G. H. Cao
13 1.02 67 2002/06/07 High Field Phase Diagram of Cuprates Derived from the Nernst Effect Y. Wang, N. P. Ong, Z. A. Xu, T. Kakeshita, S. Uchida, D. A. Bonn, R. Liang, W. N. Hardy
14 0.94 25 2010/04/19 Phase diagram of CeFeAs1xPxO obtained from electrical resistivity, magnetization, and specific heat measurements Y. Luo, Y. Li, S. Jiang, J. Dai, G. Cao, Z. A. Xu
15 0.86 40 2009/04/07 Effects of magnetic ordering on dynamical conductivity: Optical investigations of EuFe2As2 single crystals D. Wu, N. Barišić, N. Drichko, S. Kaiser, A. Faridian, M. Dressel, S. Jiang, Z. Ren, L. J. Li, ..., P. Gegenwart
16 0.69 23 2009/11/24 Superconductivity and local-moment magnetism in Eu(Fe0.89Co0.11)2As2 S. Jiang, H. Xing, G. Xuan, Z. Ren, C. Wang, Z. A. Xu, G. Cao
17 0.65 8 2013/03/08 Superconductivity, charge- or spin-density wave, and metal-nonmetal transition in BaTi2(Sb1xBix)2O H. F. Zhai, W. H. Jiao, Y. L. Sun, J. K. Bao, H. Jiang, X. J. Yang, Z. T. Tang, Q. Tao, X. F. Xu, ..., G. H. Cao
18 0.50 28 2010/08/20 Electrodynamics of electron-doped iron pnictide superconductors: Normal-state properties N. Barišić, D. Wu, M. Dressel, L. J. Li, G. H. Cao, Z. A. Xu
19 0.44 26 2000/03/06 Determining the Wiedemann-Franz Ratio from the Thermal Hall Conductivity: Application to Cu and YBa2Cu3O6.95 Y. Zhang, N. P. Ong, Z. A. Xu, K. Krishana, R. Gagnon, L. Taillefer
20 0.43 12 2012/08/03 Effects of Ru substitution on electron correlations and Fermi-surface dimensionality in Ba(Fe1xRux)2As2 N. Xu, T. Qian, P. Richard, Y. B. Shi, X. P. Wang, P. Zhang, Y. B. Huang, Y. M. Xu, H. Miao, ..., H. Ding