Papers by K. Segawa

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 8.51 138 2011/11/14 Topological Superconductivity in CuxBi2Se3 S. Sasaki, M. Kriener, K. Segawa, K. Yada, Y. Tanaka, M. Sato, Y. Ando
2 7.30 103 2010/12/09 Large bulk resistivity and surface quantum oscillations in the topological insulator Bi2Te2Se Z. Ren, A. A. Taskin, S. Sasaki, K. Segawa, Y. Ando
3 5.02 27 2014/11/03 Spin-Electricity Conversion Induced by Spin Injection into Topological Insulators Y. Shiomi, K. Nomura, Y. Kajiwara, K. Eto, M. Novak, K. Segawa, Y. Ando, E. Saitoh
4 4.40 22 2015/01/20 Large linear magnetoresistance in the Dirac semimetal TlBiSSe M. Novak, S. Sasaki, K. Segawa, Y. Ando
5 3.39 56 2011/06/27 Observation of Dirac Holes and Electrons in a Topological Insulator A. A. Taskin, Z. Ren, S. Sasaki, K. Segawa, Y. Ando
6 3.37 55 2012/08/09 Manifestation of Topological Protection in Transport Properties of Epitaxial Bi2Se3 Thin Films A. A. Taskin, S. Sasaki, K. Segawa, Y. Ando
7 3.19 71 2011/03/23 Bulk Superconducting Phase with a Full Energy Gap in the Doped Topological Insulator CuxBi2Se3 M. Kriener, K. Segawa, Z. Ren, S. Sasaki, Y. Ando
8 3.19 47 2011/05/25 Direct Measurement of the Out-of-Plane Spin Texture in the Dirac-Cone Surface State of a Topological Insulator S. Souma, K. Kosaka, T. Sato, M. Komatsu, A. Takayama, T. Takahashi, M. Kriener, K. Segawa, Y. Ando
9 3.17 70 2010/09/23 Direct Evidence for the Dirac-Cone Topological Surface States in the Ternary Chalcogenide TlBiSe2 T. Sato, K. Segawa, H. Guo, K. Sugawara, S. Souma, T. Takahashi, Y. Ando
10 3.07 63 2010/05/07 Angular-dependent oscillations of the magnetoresistance in Bi2Se3 due to the three-dimensional bulk Fermi surface K. Eto, Z. Ren, A. A. Taskin, K. Segawa, Y. Ando
11 2.92 154 2002/03/19 Electrical Resistivity Anisotropy from Self-Organized One Dimensionality in High-Temperature Superconductors Y. Ando, K. Segawa, S. Komiya, A. N. Lavrov
12 2.23 73 2004/12/20 Electronic Phase Diagram of High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors from a Mapping of the In-Plane Resistivity Curvature Y. Ando, S. Komiya, K. Segawa, S. Ono, Y. Kurita
13 2.03 34 2012/11/21 Odd-Parity Pairing and Topological Superconductivity in a Strongly Spin-Orbit Coupled Semiconductor S. Sasaki, Z. Ren, A. A. Taskin, K. Segawa, L. Fu, Y. Ando
14 2.01 98 2001/06/12 Mobility of the Doped Holes and the Antiferromagnetic Correlations in Underdoped High- Tc Cuprates Y. Ando, A. N. Lavrov, S. Komiya, K. Segawa, X. F. Sun
15 1.75 17 2013/05/23 Anomalous Dressing of Dirac Fermions in the Topological Surface State of Bi2Se3, Bi2Te3, and Cu-Doped Bi2Se3 T. Kondo, Y. Nakashima, Y. Ota, Y. Ishida, W. Malaeb, K. Okazaki, S. Shin, M. Kriener, S. Sasaki, ..., Y. Ando
16 1.43 28 2012/04/03 Fermi level tuning and a large activation gap achieved in the topological insulator Bi2Te2Se by Sn doping Z. Ren, A. A. Taskin, S. Sasaki, K. Segawa, Y. Ando
17 1.36 19 2010/09/01 Oscillatory angular dependence of the magnetoresistance in a topological insulator Bi1xSbx A. A. Taskin, K. Segawa, Y. Ando
18 1.26 15 2014/03/17 Topological surface transport in epitaxial SnTe thin films grown on Bi2Te3 A. A. Taskin, F. Yang, S. Sasaki, K. Segawa, Y. Ando
19 1.20 18 2013/04/02 Tunability of the k-space location of the Dirac cones in the topological crystalline insulator Pb1xSnxTe Y. Tanaka, T. Sato, K. Nakayama, S. Souma, T. Takahashi, Z. Ren, M. Novak, K. Segawa, Y. Ando
20 1.14 42 1999/10/04 Magnetoresistance Anomalies in Antiferromagnetic YBa 2Cu 3O 6+x: Fingerprints of Charged Stripes Y. Ando, A. N. Lavrov, K. Segawa