Papers by P. Lodahl

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1 6.94 42 2015/05/11 Interfacing single photons and single quantum dots with photonic nanostructures P. Lodahl, S. Mahmoodian, S. Stobbe
2 3.16 29 2014/08/29 Near-Unity Coupling Efficiency of a Quantum Emitter to a Photonic Crystal Waveguide M. Arcari, I. Söllner, A. Javadi, S. L. Hansen, S. Mahmoodian, J. Liu, H. Thyrrestrup, E. H. Lee, J. D. Song, ..., P. Lodahl
3 1.36 67 2003/03/11 Quantum teleportation of light beams T. C. Zhang, K. W. Goh, C. W. Chou, P. Lodahl, H. J. Kimble
4 1.08 24 2008/02/12 Size dependence of the wavefunction of self-assembled InAs quantum dots from time-resolved optical measurements J. Johansen, S. Stobbe, I. S. Nikolaev, T. Lund-Hansen, P. T. Kristensen, J. M. Hvam, W. L. Vos, P. Lodahl
5 1.04 65 2008/09/11 Experimental Realization of Highly Efficient Broadband Coupling of Single Quantum Dots to a Photonic Crystal Waveguide T. Lund-Hansen, S. Stobbe, B. Julsgaard, H. Thyrrestrup, T. Sünner, M. Kamp, A. Forchel, P. Lodahl
6 1.00 37 2010/04/13 Non-Markovian Model of Photon-Assisted Dephasing by Electron-Phonon Interactions in a Coupled Quantum-Dot–Cavity System P. Kaer, T. R. Nielsen, P. Lodahl, A. P. Jauho, J. Mørk
7 0.82 2 2012/09/11 Continuous-wave spatial quantum correlations of light induced by multiple scattering S. Smolka, J. R. Ott, A. Huck, U. L. Andersen, P. Lodahl
8 0.60 21 2010/02/17 Probing long-lived dark excitons in self-assembled quantum dots J. Johansen, B. Julsgaard, S. Stobbe, J. M. Hvam, P. Lodahl
9 0.56 13 2010/03/25 Finite-element modeling of spontaneous emission of a quantum emitter at nanoscale proximity to plasmonic waveguides Y. Chen, T. R. Nielsen, N. Gregersen, P. Lodahl, J. Mørk
10 0.48 23 2011/06/06 Observation of Non-Markovian Dynamics of a Single Quantum Dot in a Micropillar Cavity K. H. Madsen, S. Ates, T. Lund-Hansen, A. Löffler, S. Reitzenstein, A. Forchel, P. Lodahl
11 0.40 20 2010/08/06 Mutual coupling of two semiconductor quantum dots via an optical nanocavity A. Laucht, J. M. Villas-Bôas, S. Stobbe, N. Hauke, F. Hofbauer, G. Böhm, P. Lodahl, M. C. Amann, M. Kaniber, ..., J. J. Finley
12 0.37 18 2009/06/19 Demonstration of Quadrature-Squeezed Surface Plasmons in a Gold Waveguide A. Huck, S. Smolka, P. Lodahl, A. S. Sørensen, A. Boltasseva, J. Janousek, U. L. Andersen
13 0.36 16 2012/08/06 Microscopic theory of phonon-induced effects on semiconductor quantum dot decay dynamics in cavity QED P. Kaer, T. R. Nielsen, P. Lodahl, A. P. Jauho, J. Mørk
14 0.28 3 2015/08/26 Theory and experiments of disorder-induced resonance shifts and mode-edge broadening in deliberately disordered photonic crystal waveguides N. Mann, A. Javadi, P. D. García, P. Lodahl, S. Hughes
15 0.28 3 2015/06/19 Unraveling the Mesoscopic Character of Quantum Dots in Nanophotonics P. Tighineanu, A. S. Sørensen, S. Stobbe, P. Lodahl
16 0.27 4 2015/04/30 Photon Sorting, Efficient Bell Measurements, and a Deterministic Controlled-Z Gate Using a Passive Two-Level Nonlinearity T. C. Ralph, I. Söllner, S. Mahmoodian, A. G. White, P. Lodahl
17 0.27 24 2005/12/01 Frequency-Dependent Spontaneous Emission Rate from CdSe and CdTe Nanocrystals: Influence of Dark States A. F. Van Driel, G. Allan, C. Delerue, P. Lodahl, W. L. Vos, D. Vanmaekelbergh
18 0.25 19 2005/10/19 Spatial Quantum Correlations in Multiple Scattered Light P. Lodahl, A. P. Mosk, A. Lagendijk
19 0.19 5 2014/10/06 Efficient out-coupling of high-purity single photons from a coherent quantum dot in a photonic-crystal cavity K. H. Madsen, S. Ates, J. Liu, A. Javadi, S. M. Albrecht, I. Yeo, S. Stobbe, P. Lodahl
20 0.13 14 2009/05/13 Observation of Spatial Quantum Correlations Induced by Multiple Scattering of Nonclassical Light S. Smolka, A. Huck, U. L. Andersen, A. Lagendijk, P. Lodahl