Papers by T. Speck

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 8.15 74 2013/06/05 Dynamical Clustering and Phase Separation in Suspensions of Self-Propelled Colloidal Particles I. Buttinoni, J. Bialké, F. Kümmel, H. Löwen, C. Bechinger, T. Speck
2 2.59 80 2006/02/23 Thermodynamics of a Colloidal Particle in a Time-Dependent Nonharmonic Potential V. Blickle, T. Speck, L. Helden, U. Seifert, C. Bechinger
3 2.34 19 2014/05/29 Effective Cahn-Hilliard Equation for the Phase Separation of Active Brownian Particles T. Speck, J. Bialké, R. M. Menzel, H. Löwen
4 1.90 40 2007/05/22 Einstein Relation Generalized to Nonequilibrium V. Blickle, T. Speck, C. Lutz, U. Seifert, C. Bechinger
5 1.76 31 2012/04/18 Crystallization in a Dense Suspension of Self-Propelled Particles J. Bialké, T. Speck, H. Löwen
6 1.65 19 2004/12/06 Distribution of work in isothermal nonequilibrium processes T. Speck, U. Seifert
7 1.58 40 2005/05/12 Experimental Test of the Fluctuation Theorem for a Driven Two-Level System with Time-Dependent Rates S. Schuler, T. Speck, C. Tietz, J. Wrachtrup, U. Seifert
8 0.87 8 2015/08/24 Negative Interfacial Tension in Phase-Separated Active Brownian Particles J. Bialké, J. T. Siebert, H. Löwen, T. Speck
9 0.68 14 2012/11/08 First-Order Phase Transition in a Model Glass Former: Coupling of Local Structure and Dynamics T. Speck, A. Malins, C. P. Royall
10 0.50 5 2010/08/27 Specific adhesion of membranes: Mapping to an effective bond lattice gas T. Speck, E. Reister, U. Seifert
11 0.48 22 2006/08/01 Measurement of Stochastic Entropy Production C. Tietz, S. Schuler, T. Speck, U. Seifert, J. Wrachtrup
12 0.48 15 2007/06/01 Characterizing potentials by a generalized Boltzmann factor V. Blickle, T. Speck, U. Seifert, C. Bechinger
13 0.31 2 2016/06/10 Ideal bulk pressure of active Brownian particles T. Speck, R. L. Jack
14 0.16 10 2009/04/22 Extended fluctuation-dissipation theorem for soft matter in stationary flow T. Speck, U. Seifert
15 0.06 15 2008/07/24 Large deviation function for entropy production in driven one-dimensional systems J. Mehl, T. Speck, U. Seifert
16 -0.06 0 2016/12/27 Discontinuous thinning in active microrheology of soft complex matter R. Wulfert, U. Seifert, T. Speck
17 -0.10 3 2011/05/04 Effective free energy for pinned membranes T. Speck
18 -0.13 7 2008/04/28 Role of External Flow and Frame Invariance in Stochastic Thermodynamics T. Speck, J. Mehl, U. Seifert
19 -0.18 9 1999/08/01 Heat-induced antiferromagnetic coupling in multilayers with ZnSe spacers P. Walser, M. Hunziker, T. Speck, M. Landolt
20 -0.21 0 2016/02/05 Collective Behavior of Quorum-Sensing Run-and-Tumble Particles under Confinement M. Rein, N. Heinß, F. Schmid, T. Speck