Papers by D. D. Yavuz

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 -0.28 1 2015/09/21 Localization of atomic excitation beyond the diffraction limit using electromagnetically induced transparency J. A. Miles, D. Das, Z. J. Simmons, D. D. Yavuz
2 -0.69 0 2014/12/05 Left-handed electromagnetic waves in materials with induced polarization and magnetization D. D. Yavuz, N. R. Brewer
3 -0.69 0 2013/12/20 Suppression of inhomogeneous broadening using the ac Stark shift D. D. Yavuz, N. R. Brewer, J. A. Miles, Z. J. Simmons
4 0.55 10 2013/09/11 Subwavelength Localization of Atomic Excitation Using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency J. A. Miles, Z. J. Simmons, D. D. Yavuz
5 -0.11 2 2012/07/13 Optical imaging with nanoscale resolution using optical nonlinearities and spatiotemporal modulation D. D. Yavuz, Z. J. Simmons
6 -0.09 6 2012/05/09 Refractive index enhancement with vanishing absorption in short, high-density vapor cells Z. J. Simmons, N. A. Proite, J. Miles, D. E. Sikes, D. D. Yavuz
7 -0.56 1 2012/01/04 17 THz continuous-wave optical modulator J. J. Weber, J. T. Green, D. D. Yavuz
8 -0.31 4 2011/11/17 Negative refraction using Raman transitions and chirality D. E. Sikes, D. D. Yavuz
9 -0.06 9 2011/04/22 Observation of atomic localization using electromagnetically induced transparency N. A. Proite, Z. J. Simmons, D. D. Yavuz
10 -0.30 6 2010/07/30 Negative refraction with low absorption using Raman transitions with magnetoelectric coupling D. E. Sikes, D. D. Yavuz
11 -0.54 1 2010/07/26 Continuous-wave light modulation at molecular frequencies J. T. Green, J. J. Weber, D. D. Yavuz
12 -0.58 2 2010/03/29 Giant Kerr nonlinearities using refractive-index enhancement D. D. Yavuz, D. E. Sikes
13 -0.40 1 2009/05/19 Nanometer-scale optical traps using atomic state localization D. D. Yavuz, N. A. Proite, J. T. Green
14 -0.46 2 2008/11/07 Noise in refractive index enhancement D. D. Yavuz, N. A. Proite
15 0.20 20 2008/09/29 Refractive Index Enhancement with Vanishing Absorption in an Atomic Vapor N. A. Proite, B. E. Unks, J. T. Green, D. D. Yavuz
16 2.12 48 2008/03/19 Rabi Oscillations between Ground and Rydberg States with Dipole-Dipole Atomic Interactions T. A. Johnson, E. Urban, T. Henage, L. Isenhower, D. D. Yavuz, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman
17 -0.16 10 2008/02/20 Observation of Raman self-focusing in an alkali-metal vapor cell N. A. Proite, B. E. Unks, J. T. Green, D. D. Yavuz
18 0.44 23 2007/10/18 Nanoscale resolution fluorescence microscopy using electromagnetically induced transparency D. D. Yavuz, N. A. Proite
19 -0.24 2 2007/07/26 High-frequency modulation of continuous-wave laser beams by maximally coherent molecules D. D. Yavuz
20 -0.31 6 2007/04/30 Spatial Raman solitons in far-off resonant atomic systems D. D. Yavuz