Papers by A. C. Ferrari

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1 18.99 274 2006/10/30 Raman Spectrum of Graphene and Graphene Layers A. C. Ferrari, J. C. Meyer, V. Scardaci, C. Casiraghi, M. Lazzeri, F. Mauri, S. Piscanec, D. Jiang, K. S. Novoselov, ..., A. K. Geim
2 7.48 180 2004/10/28 Kohn Anomalies and Electron-Phonon Interactions in Graphite S. Piscanec, M. Lazzeri, F. Mauri, A. C. Ferrari, J. Robertson
3 4.18 108 2009/05/29 Uniaxial strain in graphene by Raman spectroscopy: G peak splitting, Grüneisen parameters, and sample orientation T. M. Mohiuddin, A. Lombardo, R. R. Nair, A. Bonetti, G. Savini, R. Jalil, N. Bonini, D. M. Basko, C. Galiotis, ..., A. C. Ferrari
4 3.10 72 2000/05/15 Interpretation of Raman spectra of disordered and amorphous carbon A. C. Ferrari, J. Robertson
5 2.96 67 2006/04/25 Phonon linewidths and electron-phonon coupling in graphite and nanotubes M. Lazzeri, S. Piscanec, F. Mauri, A. C. Ferrari, J. Robertson
6 2.27 20 2013/03/13 Raman spectroscopy of shear and layer breathing modes in multilayer MoS2 X. Zhang, W. P. Han, J. B. Wu, S. Milana, Y. Lu, Q. Q. Li, A. C. Ferrari, P. H. Tan
7 2.22 64 2007/01/31 Optical phonons in carbon nanotubes: Kohn anomalies, Peierls distortions, and dynamic effects S. Piscanec, M. Lazzeri, J. Robertson, A. C. Ferrari, F. Mauri
8 1.32 29 2009/10/16 Electron-electron interactions and doping dependence of the two-phonon Raman intensity in graphene D. M. Basko, S. Piscanec, A. C. Ferrari
9 1.29 35 2008/04/25 Edge-functionalized and substitutionally doped graphene nanoribbons: Electronic and spin properties F. Cervantes-Sodi, G. Csányi, S. Piscanec, A. C. Ferrari
10 1.20 26 2010/07/14 First-Principles Prediction of Doped Graphane as a High-Temperature Electron-Phonon Superconductor G. Savini, A. C. Ferrari, F. Giustino
11 1.02 19 2013/07/16 Nonequilibrium dynamics of photoexcited electrons in graphene: Collinear scattering, Auger processes, and the impact of screening A. Tomadin, D. Brida, G. Cerullo, A. C. Ferrari, M. Polini
12 0.88 67 2005/11/30 Electron Transport and Hot Phonons in Carbon Nanotubes M. Lazzeri, S. Piscanec, F. Mauri, A. C. Ferrari, J. Robertson
13 0.57 4 2015/12/14 Ultrafast valley relaxation dynamics in monolayer MoS2 probed by nonequilibrium optical techniques S. D. Conte, F. Bottegoni, E. A. Pogna, D. D. Fazio, S. Ambrogio, I. Bargigia, C. D'Andrea, A. Lombardo, M. Bruna, ..., M. Finazzi
14 0.53 29 2001/07/26 Resonant Raman spectroscopy of disordered, amorphous, and diamondlike carbon A. C. Ferrari, J. Robertson
15 0.48 25 2009/04/13 Phonon renormalization in doped bilayer graphene A. Das, B. Chakraborty, S. Piscanec, S. Pisana, A. K. Sood, A. C. Ferrari
16 0.42 15 2005/07/12 Surface Diffusion: The Low Activation Energy Path for Nanotube Growth S. Hofmann, G. Csányi, A. C. Ferrari, M. C. Payne, J. Robertson
17 0.39 3 2015/10/26 Ultrafast pseudospin dynamics in graphene M. Trushin, A. Grupp, G. Soavi, A. Budweg, D. D. Fazio, U. Sassi, A. Lombardo, A. C. Ferrari, W. Belzig, ..., D. Brida
18 0.16 20 2000/10/15 Density, sp3 fraction, and cross-sectional structure of amorphous carbon films determined by x-ray reflectivity and electron energy-loss spectroscopy A. C. Ferrari, A. Libassi, B. K. Tanner, V. Stolojan, J. Yuan, L. M. Brown, S. E. Rodil, B. Kleinsorge, J. Robertson
19 0.04 12 2001/03/13 Origin of the 1150-cm-1 Raman mode in nanocrystalline diamond A. C. Ferrari, J. Robertson
20 0.02 10 2003/12/24 Raman spectroscopy of silicon nanowires S. Piscanec, M. Cantoro, A. C. Ferrari, J. A. Zapien, Y. Lifshitz, S. T. Lee, S. Hofmann, J. Robertson