Papers by J. Kuneš

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 6.89 193 2009/06/24 Quantum Spin Hall Effect in a Transition Metal Oxide Na2IrO3 A. Shitade, H. Katsura, J. Kuneš, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang, N. Nagaosa
2 6.50 79 2012/02/22 Ab initio Studies on the Interplay between Spin-Orbit Interaction and Coulomb Correlation in Sr2IrO4 and Ba2IrO4 R. Arita, J. Kuneš, A. V. Kozhevnikov, A. G. Eguiluz, M. Imada
3 3.01 60 2010/02/05 Phase diagram and gap anisotropy in iron-pnictide superconductors H. Ikeda, R. Arita, J. Kuneš
4 2.18 73 2004/07/14 Charge disproportionation and spin ordering tendencies in NaxCoO2 K. W. Lee, J. Kuneš, W. E. Pickett
5 1.27 17 2011/02/09 Efficient treatment of two-particle vertices in dynamical mean-field theory J. Kuneš
6 1.22 31 2004/11/16 Correlation effects and structural dynamics in the β-pyrochlore superconductor KOs2O6 J. Kuneš, T. Jeong, W. E. Pickett
7 1.05 45 2002/06/06 First-principles investigation of the damping of fast magnetization precession in ferromagnetic 3d metals J. Kuneš, V. Kamberský
8 0.98 47 2001/09/18 Electronic structure of fcc Th: Spin-orbit calculation with 6p1/2 local orbital extension J. Kuneš, P. Novák, R. Schmid, P. Blaha, K. Schwarz
9 0.93 36 2006/02/02 Superconductivity and Lattice Instability in Compressed Lithium from Fermi Surface Hot Spots D. Kasinathan, J. Kuneš, A. Lazicki, H. Rosner, C. S. Yoo, R. T. Scalettar, W. E. Pickett
10 0.91 24 2011/06/21 Disproportionation and Metallization at Low-Spin to High-Spin Transition in Multiorbital Mott Systems J. Kuneš, V. Křápek
11 0.85 29 2008/04/18 Oxygen x-ray emission and absorption spectra as a probe of the electronic structure of strongly correlated oxides E. Z. Kurmaev, R. G. Wilks, A. Moewes, L. D. Finkelstein, S. N. Shamin, J. Kuneš
12 0.76 48 2001/05/02 Magnetic, magneto-optical, and structural properties of URhAl from first-principles calculations J. Kuneš, P. Novák, M. Diviš, P. M. Oppeneer
13 0.61 9 2014/12/04 Excitonic condensation of strongly correlated electrons: The case of Pr0.5Ca0.5CoO3 J. Kuneš, P. Augustinský
14 0.54 7 2013/05/30 Crystal field parameters with Wannier functions: Application to rare-earth aluminates P. Novák, K. Knížek, J. Kuneš
15 0.46 31 2007/04/24 Local correlations and hole doping in NiO: A dynamical mean-field study J. Kuneš, V. I. Anisimov, A. V. Lukoyanov, D. Vollhardt
16 0.46 28 2005/01/18 Disproportionation, Metal-Insulator Transition, and Critical Interaction Strength in Na1/2CoO2 K. W. Lee, J. Kuneš, P. Novak, W. E. Pickett
17 0.42 11 2014/03/31 Excitonic instability at the spin-state transition in the two-band Hubbard model J. Kuneš, P. Augustinský
18 0.42 17 2012/11/05 Spin state transition and covalent bonding in LaCoO3 V. Křápek, P. Novák, J. Kuneš, D. Novoselov, D. M. Korotin, V. I. Anisimov
19 0.31 39 2007/10/09 NiO: Correlated Band Structure of a Charge-Transfer Insulator J. Kuneš, V. I. Anisimov, S. L. Skornyakov, A. V. Lukoyanov, D. Vollhardt
20 0.30 21 2010/07/14 Doping dependence of spin fluctuations and electron correlations in iron pnictides H. Ikeda, R. Arita, J. Kuneš