Papers by T. M. Tait

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.66 144 2010/12/27 Constraints on dark matter from colliders J. Goodman, M. Ibe, A. Rajaraman, W. Shepherd, T. M. Tait, H. B. Yu
2 7.18 150 2007/10/26 Four generations and Higgs physics G. D. Kribs, T. Plehn, M. Spannowsky, T. M. Tait
3 5.45 74 2011/11/09 LHC bounds on interactions of dark matter A. Rajaraman, W. Shepherd, T. M. Tait, A. M. Wijangco
4 5.20 132 2004/11/12 Z gauge bosons at the Fermilab Tevatron M. Carena, A. Daleo, B. A. Dobrescu, T. M. Tait
5 3.31 35 2014/08/07 Hidden on-shell mediators for the Galactic Center γ-ray excess M. Abdullah, A. DiFranzo, A. Rajaraman, T. M. Tait, P. Tanedo, A. M. Wijangco
6 2.18 63 2010/02/09 Explorations of the top quark forward-backward asymmetry at the Tevatron J. Shu, T. M. Tait, K. Wang
7 2.12 31 2013/04/05 Collider searches for dark matter in events with a Z boson and missing energy L. M. Carpenter, A. Nelson, C. Shimmin, T. M. Tait, D. Whiteson
8 1.95 73 2000/12/11 Single top quark production as a window to physics beyond the standard model T. M. Tait, C. P. Yuan
9 1.79 10 2014/06/05 Criteria for natural hierarchies A. D. Gouvêa, D. Hernández, T. M. Tait
10 1.66 26 2012/03/08 Collider constraints on dipole-interacting dark matter J. F. Fortin, T. M. Tait
11 1.48 24 2011/09/07 AFBt meets LHC J. L. Hewett, J. Shelton, M. Spannowsky, T. M. Tait, M. Takeuchi
12 1.39 22 2011/02/07 Interpreting dark matter direct detection independently of the local velocity and density distribution P. J. Fox, G. D. Kribs, T. M. Tait
13 0.92 32 2007/12/27 Kaluza-Klein gluons as a diagnostic of warped models B. Lillie, J. Shu, T. M. Tait
14 0.85 19 2014/06/16 Self-interacting dark matter from a non-Abelian hidden sector K. K. Boddy, J. L. Feng, M. Kaplinghat, T. M. Tait
15 0.82 41 1999/12/21 t W- mode of single top quark production T. M. Tait
16 0.81 21 2009/07/16 WIMP forest: Indirect detection of a chiral square G. Bertone, C. B. Jackson, G. Shaughnessy, T. M. Tait, A. Vallinotto
17 0.77 38 2001/05/07 Low-Energy Supersymmetry and the Tevatron Bottom-Quark Cross Section E. L. Berger, B. W. Harris, D. E. Kaplan, Z. Sullivan, T. M. Tait, C. E. Wagner
18 0.70 15 2010/09/09 Direct Mass Limits for Chiral Fourth-Generation Quarks in All Mixing Scenarios C. J. Flacco, D. Whiteson, T. M. Tait, S. Bar-Shalom
19 0.68 9 2014/11/18 Strongly interacting dark matter: Self-interactions and keV lines K. K. Boddy, J. L. Feng, M. Kaplinghat, Y. Shadmi, T. M. Tait
20 0.50 9 2013/09/23 Pitfalls of dark matter crossing symmetries S. Profumo, W. Shepherd, T. M. Tait