Papers by G. H. Koenderink

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1 7.24 11 2015/03/04 Anomalous Discontinuity at the Percolation Critical Point of Active Gels M. Sheinman, A. Sharma, J. Alvarado, G. H. Koenderink, F. C. MacKintosh
2 0.56 21 2007/05/10 Visualizing the Strain Field in Semiflexible Polymer Networks: Strain Fluctuations and Nonlinear Rheology of F-Actin Gels J. Liu, G. H. Koenderink, K. E. Kasza, F. C. Mackintosh, D. A. Weitz
3 0.51 21 2006/04/07 High-Frequency Stress Relaxation in Semiflexible Polymer Solutions and Networks G. H. Koenderink, M. Atakhorrami, F. C. Mackintosh, C. F. Schmidt
4 0.32 13 2008/03/21 Nonequilibrium Microtubule Fluctuations in a Model Cytoskeleton C. P. Brangwynne, G. H. Koenderink, F. C. Mackintosh, D. A. Weitz
5 0.31 2 2015/07/08 Inherently unstable networks collapse to a critical point M. Sheinman, A. Sharma, J. Alvarado, G. H. Koenderink, F. C. MacKintosh
6 0.21 15 2009/04/29 Nonlinear elasticity of stiff biopolymers connected by flexible linkers K. E. Kasza, G. H. Koenderink, Y. C. Lin, C. P. Broedersz, W. Messner, F. Nakamura, T. P. Stossel, F. C. Mackintosh, D. A. Weitz
7 0.18 3 2012/08/23 Nonequilibrium fluctuations of a remodeling in vitro cytoskeleton B. Stuhrmann, M. Soares E Silva, M. Depken, F. C. Mackintosh, G. H. Koenderink
8 0.06 10 2005/11/08 Short-Time Inertial Response of Viscoelastic Fluids: Observation of Vortex Propagation M. Atakhorrami, G. H. Koenderink, C. F. Schmidt, F. C. Mackintosh
9 0.05 13 2003/01/29 Direct Measurement of Entropic Forces Induced by Rigid Rods L. Helden, R. Roth, G. H. Koenderink, P. Leiderer, C. Bechinger
10 -0.06 7 2004/02/23 Rotational and translational diffusion of fluorocarbon tracer spheres in semidilute xanthan solutions G. H. Koenderink, S. Sacanna, D. G. Aarts, A. P. Philipse
11 -0.13 0 2016/11/18 Porosity Governs Normal Stresses in Polymer Gels H. C. Cagny, B. E. Vos, M. Vahabi, N. A. Kurniawan, M. Doi, G. H. Koenderink, F. C. MacKintosh, D. Bonn
12 -0.18 7 2006/06/02 Correlated fluctuations of microparticles in viscoelastic solutions: Quantitative measurement of material properties by microrheology in the presence of optical traps M. Atakhorrami, J. I. Sulkowska, K. M. Addas, G. H. Koenderink, J. X. Tang, A. J. Levine, F. C. Mackintosh, C. F. Schmidt
13 -0.20 2 2008/06/18 Short-time inertial response of viscoelastic fluids measured with Brownian motion and with active probes M. Atakhorrami, D. Mizuno, G. H. Koenderink, T. B. Liverpool, F. C. Mackintosh, C. F. Schmidt
14 -0.23 6 2000/01/01 Self-diffusion and sedimentation of tracer spheres in (semi)dilute dispersions of rigid colloidal rods S. G. Kluijtmans, G. H. Koenderink, A. P. Philipse
15 -0.32 0 2016/10/11 Strain-driven criticality underlies nonlinear mechanics of fibrous networks A. Sharma, A. J. Licup, R. Rens, M. Vahabi, K. A. Jansen, G. H. Koenderink, F. C. MacKintosh
16 -0.34 2 2001/07/24 Rotational tracer diffusion in binary colloidal sphere mixtures G. H. Koenderink, H. Zhang, M. P. Lettinga, G. Nägele, A. P. Philipse
17 -0.42 0 2014/02/24 Scale-Dependent Nonaffine Elasticity of Semiflexible Polymer Networks M. Atakhorrami, G. H. Koenderink, J. F. Palierne, F. C. MacKintosh, C. F. Schmidt