Papers by F. Alet

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.49 68 2015/02/09 Many-body localization edge in the random-field Heisenberg chain D. J. Luitz, N. Laflorencie, F. Alet
2 3.77 102 2004/11/19 Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of confined bosonic atoms in optical lattices S. Wessel, F. Alet, M. Troyer, G. G. Batrouni
3 2.90 98 2005/05/23 Supersolids versus Phase Separation in Two-Dimensional Lattice Bosons P. Sengupta, L. P. Pryadko, F. Alet, M. Troyer, G. Schmid
4 2.33 72 2005/06/02 Néel Temperature of Quasi-Low-Dimensional Heisenberg Antiferromagnets C. Yasuda, S. Todo, K. Hukushima, F. Alet, M. Keller, M. Troyer, H. Takayama
5 2.18 96 2005/03/22 Generalized directed loop method for quantum Monte Carlo simulations F. Alet, S. Wessel, M. Troyer
6 1.31 35 2009/10/19 Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of Fidelity at Magnetic Quantum Phase Transitions D. Schwandt, F. Alet, S. Capponi
7 1.10 48 2003/01/31 Cluster Monte Carlo algorithm for the quantum rotor model F. Alet, E. S. Sørensen
8 0.97 17 2016/02/17 Extended slow dynamical regime close to the many-body localization transition D. J. Luitz, N. Laflorencie, F. Alet
9 0.94 32 2009/11/02 SU(N) Heisenberg model on the square lattice: A continuous-N quantum Monte Carlo study K. S. Beach, F. Alet, M. Mambrini, S. Capponi
10 0.92 13 2014/02/06 Universal Behavior beyond Multifractality in Quantum Many-Body Systems D. J. Luitz, F. Alet, N. Laflorencie
11 0.87 34 2003/03/26 Flat Histogram Methods for Quantum Systems: Algorithms to Overcome Tunneling Problems and Calculate the Free Energy M. Troyer, S. Wessel, F. Alet
12 0.86 29 2010/02/18 Quantum critical scaling of fidelity susceptibility A. F. Albuquerque, F. Alet, C. Sire, S. Capponi
13 0.86 18 2013/08/21 Néel-State to Valence-Bond-Solid Transition on the Honeycomb Lattice: Evidence for Deconfined Criticality S. Pujari, K. Damle, F. Alet
14 0.78 29 2007/09/12 Valence Bond Entanglement Entropy F. Alet, S. Capponi, N. Laflorencie, M. Mambrini
15 0.71 39 2005/06/15 Interacting Classical Dimers on the Square Lattice F. Alet, J. L. Jacobsen, G. Misguich, V. Pasquier, F. Mila, M. Troyer
16 0.66 25 2010/11/16 Critical correlations for short-range valence-bond wave functions on the square lattice A. F. Albuquerque, F. Alet
17 0.64 10 2014/09/03 Improving entanglement and thermodynamic Rényi entropy measurements in quantum Monte Carlo D. J. Luitz, X. Plat, N. Laflorencie, F. Alet
18 0.54 33 2006/07/21 Unconventional Continuous Phase Transition in a Three-Dimensional Dimer Model F. Alet, G. Misguich, V. Pasquier, R. Moessner, J. L. Jacobsen
19 0.50 28 2006/10/26 Classical dimers with aligning interactions on the square lattice F. Alet, Y. Ikhle, J. L. Jacobsen, G. Misguich, V. Pasquier
20 0.33 25 2009/07/16 Coulomb gas transitions in three-dimensional classical dimer models G. Chen, J. Gukelberger, S. Trebst, F. Alet, L. Balents