Papers by C. Honerkamp

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 8.54 230 2008/04/15 Topological Mott Insulators S. Raghu, X. L. Qi, C. Honerkamp, S. C. Zhang
2 6.87 153 2012/03/12 Functional renormalization group approach to correlated fermion systems W. Metzner, M. Salmhofer, C. Honerkamp, V. Meden, K. Schönhammer
3 2.94 82 2007/04/18 Color Superfluidity and “Baryon” Formation in Ultracold Fermions Á. Rapp, G. Zaránd, C. Honerkamp, W. Hofstetter
4 2.47 151 2001/01/02 Breakdown of the Landau-Fermi liquid in two dimensions due to umklapp scattering C. Honerkamp, M. Salmhofer, N. Furukawa, T. M. Rice
5 2.44 80 2008/04/11 Density Waves and Cooper Pairing on the Honeycomb Lattice C. Honerkamp
6 2.39 64 2009/11/13 Functional renormalization-group study of the doping dependence of pairing symmetry in the iron pnictide superconductors R. Thomale, C. Platt, J. Hu, C. Honerkamp, B. A. Bernevig
7 1.07 46 2003/09/16 Instabilities of interacting electrons on the triangular lattice C. Honerkamp
8 1.01 41 2004/09/29 BCS pairing in Fermi systems with N different hyperfine states C. Honerkamp, W. Hofstetter
9 0.97 107 2004/04/30 Ultracold Fermions and the SU(N) Hubbard Model C. Honerkamp, W. Hofstetter
10 0.94 57 2001/10/19 Temperature-flow renormalization group and the competition between superconductivity and ferromagnetism C. Honerkamp, M. Salmhofer
11 0.90 36 2012/05/10 Mechanism for a pairing state with time-reversal symmetry breaking in iron-based superconductors C. Platt, R. Thomale, C. Honerkamp, S. C. Zhang, W. Hanke
12 0.88 29 2012/06/05 Instabilities of interacting electrons on the honeycomb bilayer M. M. Scherer, S. Uebelacker, C. Honerkamp
13 0.84 15 2014/07/28 Unconventional pairing and electronic dimerization instabilities in the doped Kitaev-Heisenberg model D. D. Scherer, M. M. Scherer, G. Khaliullin, C. Honerkamp, B. Rosenow
14 0.83 55 2001/10/16 Magnetic and Superconducting Instabilities of the Hubbard Model at the Van Hove Filling C. Honerkamp, M. Salmhofer
15 0.69 9 2015/10/22 Correlated spinless fermions on the honeycomb lattice revisited D. D. Scherer, M. M. Scherer, C. Honerkamp
16 0.49 23 2012/09/18 Antiferromagnetism in the Hubbard Model on the Bernal-Stacked Honeycomb Bilayer T. C. Lang, Z. Y. Meng, M. M. Scherer, S. Uebelacker, F. F. Assaad, A. Muramatsu, C. Honerkamp, S. Wessel
17 0.41 20 2011/11/15 Instabilities of quadratic band crossing points S. Uebelacker, C. Honerkamp
18 0.40 19 2012/10/11 Interacting electrons on trilayer honeycomb lattices M. M. Scherer, S. Uebelacker, D. D. Scherer, C. Honerkamp
19 0.18 29 2003/05/05 Flow of the quasiparticle weight in the N-patch renormalization group scheme C. Honerkamp, M. Salmhofer
20 0.10 18 2005/09/06 Charge instabilities at the metamagnetic transition of itinerant electron systems C. Honerkamp