Papers by F. Marquardt

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 27.32 251 2014/12/30 Cavity optomechanics M. Aspelmeyer, T. J. Kippenberg, F. Marquardt
2 14.81 220 2010/04/15 Introduction to quantum noise, measurement, and amplification A. A. Clerk, M. H. Devoret, S. M. Girvin, F. Marquardt, R. J. Schoelkop
3 12.71 276 2007/08/28 Quantum Theory of Cavity-Assisted Sideband Cooling of Mechanical Motion F. Marquardt, J. P. Chen, A. A. Clerk, S. M. Girvin
4 4.53 69 2012/08/07 Enhanced Quantum Nonlinearities in a Two-Mode Optomechanical System M. Ludwig, A. H. Safavi-Naeini, O. Painter, F. Marquardt
5 3.88 41 2013/08/16 Quantum Many-Body Dynamics in Optomechanical Arrays M. Ludwig, F. Marquardt
6 3.71 39 2012/12/18 Quantum Signatures of the Optomechanical Instability J. Qian, A. A. Clerk, K. Hammerer, F. Marquardt
7 3.54 25 2013/12/19 Arbitrarily large steady-state bosonic squeezing via dissipation A. Kronwald, F. Marquardt, A. A. Clerk
8 3.05 54 2011/07/20 Collective Dynamics in Optomechanical Arrays G. Heinrich, M. Ludwig, J. Qian, B. Kubala, F. Marquardt
9 2.52 33 2011/09/08 Superradiant Phase Transitions and the Standard Description of Circuit QED O. Viehmann, J. Von Delft, F. Marquardt
10 2.50 31 2010/05/27 Quantum Measurement of Phonon Shot Noise A. A. Clerk, F. Marquardt, J. G. Harris
11 2.31 51 2009/08/06 Strong Coupling of a Mechanical Oscillator and a Single Atom K. Hammerer, M. Wallquist, C. Genes, M. Ludwig, F. Marquardt, P. Treutlein, P. Zoller, J. Ye, H. J. Kimble
12 2.28 75 2006/03/16 Dynamical Multistability Induced by Radiation Pressure in High-Finesse Micromechanical Optical Cavities F. Marquardt, J. G. Harris, S. M. Girvin
13 2.15 20 2015/07/28 Topological Phases of Sound and Light V. Peano, C. Brendel, M. Schmidt, F. Marquardt
14 2.04 36 2001/01/11 Superposition of two mesoscopically distinct quantum states: Coupling a Cooper-pair box to a large superconducting island F. Marquardt, C. Bruder
15 1.68 25 2013/01/31 Full photon statistics of a light beam transmitted through an optomechanical system A. Kronwald, M. Ludwig, F. Marquardt
16 1.50 23 2013/09/25 Optomechanically Induced Transparency in the Nonlinear Quantum Regime A. Kronwald, F. Marquardt
17 1.38 1 2016/11/01 Topological Quantum Fluctuations and Traveling Wave Amplifiers V. Peano, M. Houde, F. Marquardt, A. A. Clerk
18 1.35 39 2008/09/26 Self-Induced Oscillations in an Optomechanical System Driven by Bolometric Backaction C. Metzger, M. Ludwig, C. Neuenhahn, A. Ortlieb, I. Favero, K. Karrai, F. Marquardt
19 1.31 13 2013/11/21 Photonic Cavity Synchronization of Nanomechanical Oscillators M. Bagheri, M. Poot, L. Fan, F. Marquardt, H. X. Tang
20 0.99 1 2016/08/30 Quantum Nondemolition Measurement of a Quantum Squeezed State Beyond the 3 dB Limit C. U. Lei, A. J. Weinstein, J. Suh, E. E. Wollman, A. Kronwald, F. Marquardt, A. A. Clerk, K. C. Schwab