Papers by M. Cramer

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 14.60 81 2014/09/29 Quantifying Coherence T. Baumgratz, M. Cramer, M. B. Plenio
2 12.41 385 2010/02/04 Colloquium: Area laws for the entanglement entropy J. Eisert, M. Cramer, M. B. Plenio
3 6.23 128 2008/01/24 Exact Relaxation in a Class of Nonequilibrium Quantum Lattice Systems M. Cramer, C. M. Dawson, J. Eisert, T. J. Osborne
4 5.19 107 2005/02/17 Entropy, Entanglement, and Area: Analytical Results for Harmonic Lattice Systems M. B. Plenio, J. Eisert, J. Dreißig, M. Cramer
5 1.15 51 2006/01/10 Entanglement-area law for general bosonic harmonic lattice systems M. Cramer, J. Eisert, M. B. Plenio, J. Dreißig
6 1.09 51 2008/08/08 Exploring Local Quantum Many-Body Relaxation by Atoms in Optical Superlattices M. Cramer, A. Flesch, I. P. Mcculloch, U. Schollwöck, J. Eisert
7 0.94 31 2005/10/25 Single-copy entanglement in critical quantum spin chains J. Eisert, M. Cramer
8 0.89 16 2014/04/15 Extracting Entanglement from Identical Particles N. Killoran, M. Cramer, M. B. Plenio
9 0.59 28 2007/05/31 Statistics Dependence of the Entanglement Entropy M. Cramer, J. Eisert, M. B. Plenio
10 0.54 33 2004/11/05 Inhomogeneous Atomic Bose-Fermi Mixtures in Cubic Lattices M. Cramer, J. Eisert, F. Illuminati
11 0.50 25 2006/06/14 Half the entanglement in critical systems is distillable from a single specimen R. Orús, J. I. Latorre, J. Eisert, M. Cramer
12 0.35 37 2008/09/12 Probing local relaxation of cold atoms in optical superlattices A. Flesch, M. Cramer, I. P. Mcculloch, U. Schollwöck, J. Eisert
13 0.30 10 2013/07/11 Scalable Reconstruction of Density Matrices T. Baumgratz, D. Gross, M. Cramer, M. B. Plenio
14 0.27 3 2015/09/22 Simulating Bosonic Baths with Error Bars M. P. Woods, M. Cramer, M. B. Plenio
15 0.27 20 2011/01/10 Measuring Entanglement in Condensed Matter Systems M. Cramer, M. B. Plenio, H. Wunderlich
16 0.26 6 2001/11/19 Momentum-state engineering and control in Bose-Einstein condensates S. Pötting, M. Cramer, P. Meystre
17 0.24 22 2008/04/11 Do Mixtures of Bosonic and Fermionic Atoms Adiabatically Heat Up in Optical Lattices? M. Cramer, S. Ospelkaus, C. Ospelkaus, K. Bongs, K. Sengstock, J. Eisert
18 -0.20 10 2001/07/10 Coherent acceleration of Bose-Einstein condensates S. Pötting, M. Cramer, C. H. Schwalb, H. Pu, P. Meystre
19 -0.20 1 2015/11/24 Necessity of Eigenstate Thermalization G. D. Palma, A. Serafini, V. Giovannetti, M. Cramer
20 -0.25 3 2002/06/19 Raman coupler for a trapped two-component quantum-degenerate Fermi gas S. Pötting, M. Cramer, W. Zhang, P. Meystre