Papers by W. Son

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 6.31 159 2010/02/22 Unified View of Quantum and Classical Correlations K. Modi, T. Paterek, W. Son, V. Vedral, M. Williamson
2 2.41 124 2002/02/27 Entanglement by a beam splitter: Nonclassicality as a prerequisite for entanglement M. S. Kim, W. Son, V. Bužek, P. L. Knight
3 0.33 36 2004/05/14 Complete Conditions for Entanglement Transfer M. Paternostro, W. Son, M. S. Kim
4 0.23 24 2006/02/17 Generic Bell Inequalities for Multipartite Arbitrary Dimensional Systems W. Son, J. Lee, M. S. Kim
5 0.20 39 2003/01/28 Quantum nonlocality test for continuous-variable states with dichotomic observables H. Jeong, W. Son, M. S. Kim, D. Ahn, Č. Brukner
6 0.04 23 2004/08/26 Dynamical entanglement transfer for quantum-information networks M. Paternostro, W. Son, M. S. Kim, G. Falci, G. M. Palma
7 -0.15 0 2016/11/14 Key-rate enhancement using qutrit states for quantum key distribution with askew aligned sources Y. Jo, W. Son
8 -0.15 3 2014/03/10 Optimized entropic uncertainty for successive projective measurements K. Baek, T. Farrow, W. Son
9 -0.20 7 2009/02/03 Quantum instability and edge entanglement in the quasi-long-range order W. Son, L. Amico, F. Plastina, V. Vedral
10 -0.22 4 2005/11/30 Joint measurements and Bell inequalities W. Son, E. Andersson, S. M. Barnett, M. S. Kim
11 -0.26 7 2007/08/20 Witnessing macroscopic entanglement in a staggered magnetic field J. Hide, W. Son, I. Lawrie, V. Vedral
12 -0.29 0 2016/09/09 High-throughput combinatorial study of the effect of M site alloying on the solid solution behavior of M2AlC MAX phases A. Talapatra, T. Duong, W. Son, H. Gao, M. Radovic, R. Arróyave
13 -0.32 8 2001/11/14 Conclusive teleportation of a d-dimensional unknown state W. Son, J. Lee, M. S. Kim, Y. J. Park
14 -0.35 6 2006/09/11 Test of Nonlocality for a Continuous-Variable State Based on an Arbitrary Number of Measurement Outcomes W. Son, Č. Brukner, M. S. Kim
15 -0.48 2 2013/05/13 Additivity relations in quantum correlations S. Yang, H. Jeong, W. Son
16 -0.50 5 2009/03/20 Positive Phase Space Transformation Incompatible with Classical Physics W. Son, J. Kofler, M. S. Kim, V. Vedral, Č. Brukner
17 -0.51 5 2007/11/01 Dimensionality-induced entanglement in macroscopic dimer systems D. Kaszlikowski, W. Son, V. Vedral
18 -0.60 1 2010/09/09 Violation of multipartite Bell inequalities with classical subsystems via operationally local transformations M. S. Williamson, L. Heaney, W. Son
19 -0.60 4 2009/03/09 Enhancing the Detection of Natural Thermal Entanglement with Disorder J. Hide, W. Son, V. Vedral
20 -0.60 0 2015/07/17 Role of quantum non-Gaussian distance in entropic uncertainty relations W. Son