Papers by H. B. Yu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.66 144 2010/12/27 Constraints on dark matter from colliders J. Goodman, M. Ibe, A. Rajaraman, W. Shepherd, T. M. Tait, H. B. Yu
2 4.66 50 2013/06/07 Beyond collisionless dark matter: Particle physics dynamics for dark matter halo structure S. Tulin, H. B. Yu, K. M. Zurek
3 2.67 40 2012/03/05 Symmetric and asymmetric light dark matter T. Lin, H. B. Yu, K. M. Zurek
4 2.62 51 2010/04/15 Halo-Shape and Relic-Density Exclusions of Sommerfeld-Enhanced Dark Matter Explanations of Cosmic Ray Excesses J. L. Feng, M. Kaplinghat, H. B. Yu
5 2.36 17 2014/02/19 Direct detection portals for self-interacting dark matter M. Kaplinghat, S. Tulin, H. B. Yu
6 2.25 11 2015/05/27 Galactic Center Excess in γ Rays from Annihilation of Self-Interacting Dark Matter M. Kaplinghat, T. Linden, H. B. Yu
7 1.62 32 2011/03/09 Turning off the lights: How dark is dark matter? S. D. Mcdermott, H. B. Yu, K. M. Zurek
8 1.49 21 2013/03/12 Resonant Dark Forces and Small-Scale Structure S. Tulin, H. B. Yu, K. M. Zurek
9 1.48 29 2012/01/13 Constraints on scalar asymmetric dark matter from black hole formation in neutron stars S. D. Mcdermott, H. B. Yu, K. M. Zurek
10 1.45 44 2010/10/26 Sommerfeld enhancements for thermal relic dark matter J. L. Feng, M. Kaplinghat, H. B. Yu
11 1.04 13 2014/07/09 Tying Dark Matter to Baryons with Self-Interactions M. Kaplinghat, R. E. Keeley, T. Linden, H. B. Yu
12 0.94 6 2016/01/28 Dark Matter Halos as Particle Colliders: Unified Solution to Small-Scale Structure Puzzles from Dwarfs to Clusters M. Kaplinghat, S. Tulin, H. B. Yu
13 0.81 8 2012/01/04 Tensile Plasticity in Metallic Glasses with Pronounced β Relaxations H. B. Yu, X. Shen, Z. Wang, L. Gu, W. H. Wang, H. Y. Bai
14 0.66 14 2013/02/21 Three exceptions for thermal dark matter with enhanced annihilation to γγ S. Tulin, H. B. Yu, K. M. Zurek
15 0.48 18 2010/07/13 Plasticity of Ductile Metallic Glasses: A Self-Organized Critical State B. A. Sun, H. B. Yu, W. Jiao, H. Y. Bai, D. Q. Zhao, W. H. Wang
16 0.44 8 2010/06/07 Relating activation of shear transformation zones to β relaxations in metallic glasses H. B. Yu, W. H. Wang, H. Y. Bai, Y. Wu, M. W. Chen
17 0.33 4 2015/12/09 Coherent propagation of PeV neutrinos and the dip in the neutrino spectrum at IceCube A. Kamada, H. B. Yu
18 0.33 9 2012/08/31 Correlation between β Relaxation and Self-Diffusion of the Smallest Constituting Atoms in Metallic Glasses H. B. Yu, K. Samwer, Y. Wu, W. H. Wang
19 0.09 13 2008/01/14 Diquark Higgs bosons at the CERN LHC R. N. Mohapatra, N. Okada, H. B. Yu
20 0.02 17 2004/03/12 Building Pb Nanomesas with Atomic-Layer Precision C. S. Jiang, S. C. Li, H. B. Yu, D. Eom, X. D. Wang, P. Ebert, J. F. Jia, Q. K. Xue, C. K. Shih