Papers by J. Vines

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 1.06 42 2011/04/28 Post-1-Newtonian tidal effects in the gravitational waveform from binary inspirals J. Vines, É. É. Flanagan, T. Hinderer
2 -0.10 2 2016/05/25 Canonical Hamiltonian for an extended test body in curved spacetime: To quadratic order in spin J. Vines, D. Kunst, J. Steinhoff, T. Hinderer
3 -0.21 1 2016/05/03 Prescriptions for measuring and transporting local angular momenta in general relativity É. É. Flanagan, D. A. Nichols, L. C. Stein, J. Vines
4 -0.32 0 2016/10/06 Generating exact solutions to Einstein’s equation using linearized approximations A. I. Harte, J. Vines
5 -0.48 2 1965/02/22 Cross Sections of some Reactions Induced in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Copper, and Bromine with Neutrons of Energy 14.8 MeV B. Grimeland, E. Kjellsby, J. Vines
6 -0.50 1 2015/09/22 Is motion under the conservative self-force in black hole spacetimes an integrable Hamiltonian system? J. Vines, É. É. Flanagan
7 -0.60 1 2006/08/24 Conditional homodyne detection of light with squeezed quadrature fluctuations J. Vines, R. Vyas, S. Singh