Papers by R. Bean

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 2.72 89 2007/10/04 Probing Gravity at Cosmological Scales by Measurements which Test the Relationship between Gravitational Lensing and Matter Overdensity P. Zhang, M. Liguori, R. Bean, S. Dodelson
2 2.55 93 2004/04/05 Probing dark energy perturbations: The dark energy equation of state and speed of sound as measured by WMAP R. Bean, O. Doré
3 1.39 50 2010/04/29 Current constraints on the cosmic growth history R. Bean, M. Tangmatitham
4 1.37 93 2007/03/16 Dynamics of linear perturbations in f(R) gravity R. Bean, D. Bernat, L. Pogosian, A. Silvestri, M. Trodden
5 1.36 56 2001/10/26 Early-universe constraints on dark energy R. Bean, S. H. Hansen, A. Melchiorri
6 0.90 31 2008/01/25 Comparing infrared Dirac-Born-Infeld brane inflation to observations R. Bean, X. Chen, H. Peiris, J. Xu
7 0.88 51 2002/01/18 Current constraints on the dark energy equation of state R. Bean, A. Melchiorri
8 0.85 41 2003/07/29 Are Chaplygin gases serious contenders for the dark energy? R. Bean, O. Doré
9 0.85 35 2006/09/07 Constraining isocurvature initial conditions with WMAP 3-year data R. Bean, J. Dunkley, E. Pierpaoli
10 0.76 17 2003/10/13 Recombining WMAP: Constraints on ionizing and resonance radiation at recombination R. Bean, A. Melchiorri, J. Silk
11 0.74 41 2008/12/08 Constraining interactions in cosmology’s dark sector R. Bean, É. É. Flanagan, I. Laszlo, M. Trodden
12 0.71 2 2015/09/01 Constraints on massive neutrinos from the pairwise kinematic Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect E. M. Mueller, F. D. Bernardis, R. Bean, M. D. Niemack
13 0.55 26 2002/09/19 Could supermassive black holes be quintessential primordial black holes? R. Bean, J. Magueijo
14 0.38 3 2015/06/12 Looking for non-Gaussianity in all the right places: A new basis for nonseparable bispectra J. Byun, N. Agarwal, R. Bean, R. Holman
15 0.29 16 2010/04/12 Cascading cosmology N. Agarwal, R. Bean, J. Khoury, M. Trodden
16 0.28 24 2008/01/30 Nonlinear growth in modified gravity theories of dark energy I. Laszlo, R. Bean
17 0.15 34 2008/07/10 Adiabatic instability in coupled dark energy/dark matter models R. Bean, É. É. Flanagan, M. Trodden
18 0.02 22 2001/11/27 Perturbation evolution with a nonminimally coupled scalar field R. Bean
19 -0.01 17 2002/06/28 Measuring α in the early universe: CMB temperature, large-scale structure, and Fisher matrix analysis C. J. Martins, A. Melchiorri, R. Trotta, R. Bean, G. Rocha, P. P. Avelino, P. T. Viana
20 -0.03 17 2008/07/16 Reconstructing a general inflationary action R. Bean, D. J. Chung, G. Geshnizjani