Papers by K. Hammerer

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 12.91 231 2010/04/05 Quantum interface between light and atomic ensembles K. Hammerer, A. S. Sørensen, E. S. Polzik
2 3.71 39 2012/12/18 Quantum Signatures of the Optomechanical Instability J. Qian, A. A. Clerk, K. Hammerer, F. Marquardt
3 2.31 51 2009/08/06 Strong Coupling of a Mechanical Oscillator and a Single Atom K. Hammerer, M. Wallquist, C. Genes, M. Ludwig, F. Marquardt, P. Treutlein, P. Zoller, J. Ye, H. J. Kimble
4 2.08 17 2014/07/10 Optomechanical Sensing of Spontaneous Wave-Function Collapse S. Nimmrichter, K. Hornberger, K. Hammerer
5 1.98 73 2005/04/22 Quantum Benchmark for Storage and Transmission of Coherent States K. Hammerer, M. M. Wol, E. S. Polzik, J. I. Cirac
6 1.73 29 2011/11/16 Dissipative Optomechanics in a Michelson-Sagnac Interferometer A. Xuereb, R. Schnabel, K. Hammerer
7 1.65 12 2015/01/26 Observation of Generalized Optomechanical Coupling and Cooling on Cavity Resonance A. Sawadsky, H. Kaufer, R. M. Nia, S. P. Tarabrin, F. Y. Khalili, K. Hammerer, R. Schnabel
8 1.47 52 2004/10/15 Light-matter quantum interface K. Hammerer, K. Mølmer, E. S. Polzik, J. I. Cirac
9 1.39 44 2011/11/23 Quantum entanglement and teleportation in pulsed cavity optomechanics S. G. Hofer, W. Wieczorek, M. Aspelmeyer, K. Hammerer
10 1.20 40 2002/05/24 Interaction Cost of Nonlocal Gates G. Vidal, K. Hammerer, J. I. Cirac
11 1.14 21 2009/12/08 Phase-noise induced limitations on cooling and coherent evolution in optomechanical systems P. Rabl, C. Genes, K. Hammerer, M. Aspelmeyer
12 1.05 38 2002/12/31 Characterization of nonlocal gates K. Hammerer, G. Vidal, J. I. Cirac
13 0.86 28 2010/02/18 Single-atom cavity QED and optomicromechanics M. Wallquist, K. Hammerer, P. Zoller, C. Genes, M. Ludwig, F. Marquardt, P. Treutlein, J. Ye, H. J. Kimble
14 0.84 30 2010/07/29 Entanglement of mechanical oscillators coupled to a nonequilibrium environment M. Ludwig, K. Hammerer, F. Marquardt
15 0.82 15 2014/01/31 Laser Theory for Optomechanics: Limit Cycles in the Quantum Regime N. Lörch, J. Qian, A. Clerk, F. Marquardt, K. Hammerer
16 0.75 37 2009/06/11 Cavity-assisted squeezing of a mechanical oscillator K. Jähne, C. Genes, K. Hammerer, M. Wallquist, E. S. Polzik, P. Zoller
17 0.65 9 2013/08/06 Anomalous dynamic backaction in interferometers S. P. Tarabrin, H. Kaufer, F. Y. Khalili, R. Schnabel, K. Hammerer
18 0.57 17 2013/02/14 Cavity-enhanced long-distance coupling of an atomic ensemble to a micromechanical membrane B. Vogell, K. Stannigel, P. Zoller, K. Hammerer, M. T. Rakher, M. Korppi, A. Jöckel, P. Treutlein
19 0.40 22 2006/06/21 Efficient quantum memory and entanglement between light and an atomic ensemble using magnetic fields C. A. Muschik, K. Hammerer, E. S. Polzik, J. I. Cirac
20 0.38 25 2003/04/22 Entanglement generation and Hamiltonian simulation in continuous-variable systems B. Kraus, K. Hammerer, G. Giedke, J. I. Cirac