Papers by A. Qarry

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 0.60 15 2011/04/29 Quantum Simulation of Time-Dependent Hamiltonians and the Convenient Illusion of Hilbert Space D. Poulin, A. Qarry, R. Somma, F. Verstraete
2 0.33 22 2006/11/17 Realization of a Superconducting Atom Chip T. Nirrengarten, A. Qarry, C. Roux, A. Emmert, G. Nogues, M. Brune, J. M. Raimond, S. Haroche
3 0.20 17 2003/05/22 Electron-Polariton Scattering in Semiconductor Microcavities P. G. Lagoudakis, M. D. Martin, J. J. Baumberg, A. Qarry, E. Cohen, L. N. Pfeiffer
4 0.02 12 2009/04/20 Experimental violation of a Bell inequality with two different degrees of freedom of entangled particle pairs X. S. Ma, A. Qarry, J. Kofler, T. Jennewein, A. Zeilinger
5 0.01 10 2002/02/08 Scattering of polaritons by a two-dimensional electron gas in a semiconductor microcavity G. Ramon, R. Rapaport, A. Qarry, E. Cohen, A. Mann, A. Ron, L. N. Pfeiffer
6 -0.37 7 2003/03/19 Nonlinear emission due to electron-polariton scattering in a semiconductor microcavity A. Qarry, G. Ramon, R. Rapaport, E. Cohen, A. Ron, A. Mann, E. Linder, L. N. Pfeiffer