Papers by N. A. Sinitsyn

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1 19.05 614 2004/03/25 Universal Intrinsic Spin Hall Effect J. Sinova, D. Culcer, Q. Niu, N. A. Sinitsyn, T. Jungwirth, A. H. Macdonald
2 9.65 232 2006/10/09 Intrinsic and Rashba spin-orbit interactions in graphene sheets H. Min, J. E. Hill, N. A. Sinitsyn, B. R. Sahu, L. Kleinman, A. H. Macdonald
3 3.89 88 2004/07/23 Semiclassical Spin Transport in Spin-Orbit-Coupled Bands D. Culcer, J. Sinova, N. A. Sinitsyn, T. Jungwirth, A. H. Macdonald, Q. Niu
4 3.08 47 2006/09/05 Charge and Spin Hall Conductivity in Metallic Graphene N. A. Sinitsyn, J. E. Hill, H. Min, J. Sinova, A. H. Macdonald
5 2.87 50 2004/08/31 Spin Hall and spin-diagonal conductivity in the presence of Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupling N. A. Sinitsyn, E. M. Hankiewicz, W. Teizer, J. Sinova
6 1.92 67 2007/01/09 Anomalous Hall effect in a two-dimensional Dirac band: The link between the Kubo-Streda formula and the semiclassical Boltzmann equation approach N. A. Sinitsyn, A. H. Macdonald, T. Jungwirth, V. K. Dugaev, J. Sinova
7 1.03 19 2007/11/30 Universal Geometric Theory of Mesoscopic Stochastic Pumps and Reversible Ratchets N. A. Sinitsyn, I. Nemenman
8 1.00 22 2012/10/18 Role of Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling on Decoherence and Relaxation of Central Spins in Quantum Dots N. A. Sinitsyn, Y. Li, S. A. Crooker, A. Saxena, D. L. Smith
9 0.79 10 2013/08/06 Nonequilibrium Spin Noise Spectroscopy F. Li, Y. V. Pershin, V. A. Slipko, N. A. Sinitsyn
10 0.77 35 2005/07/20 Disorder effects in the anomalous Hall effect induced by Berry curvature N. A. Sinitsyn, Q. Niu, J. Sinova, K. Nomura
11 0.71 1 2016/06/29 Solvable multistate model of Landau-Zener transitions in cavity QED N. A. Sinitsyn, F. Li
12 0.52 34 2005/10/13 Dependence of the intrinsic spin-Hall effect on spin-orbit interaction character K. Nomura, J. Sinova, N. A. Sinitsyn, A. H. Macdonald
13 0.51 28 2007/12/13 Anomalous Hall effect in a two-dimensional electron gas T. S. Nunner, N. A. Sinitsyn, M. F. Borunda, V. K. Dugaev, A. A. Kovalev, A. Abanov, C. Timm, T. Jungwirth, J. I. Inoue, ..., J. Sinova
14 0.44 3 2015/11/30 Solvable four-state Landau-Zener model of two interacting qubits with path interference N. A. Sinitsyn
15 0.29 19 2006/02/13 Coordinate shift in the semiclassical Boltzmann equation and the anomalous Hall effect N. A. Sinitsyn, Q. Niu, A. H. Macdonald
16 0.21 17 2007/08/10 Absence of Skew Scattering in Two-Dimensional Systems: Testing the Origins of the Anomalous Hall Effect M. Borunda, T. S. Nunner, T. Lück, N. A. Sinitsyn, C. Timm, J. Wunderlich, T. Jungwirth, A. H. Macdonald, J. Sinova
17 0.19 9 2013/03/04 Landau-Zener transitions in chains N. A. Sinitsyn
18 0.09 8 2008/10/15 Pumping Restriction Theorem for Stochastic Networks V. Y. Chernyak, N. A. Sinitsyn
19 0.03 5 2014/10/06 Spin Noise Spectroscopy Beyond Thermal Equilibrium and Linear Response P. Glasenapp, N. A. Sinitsyn, L. Yang, D. G. Rickel, D. Roy, A. Greilich, M. Bayer, S. A. Crooker
20 0.00 20 2003/04/03 Nuclear spin bath effects on Landau-Zener transitions in nanomagnets N. A. Sinitsyn, N. Prokof'Ev