Papers by E. Berg

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.47 157 2010/12/10 Topological characterization of periodically driven quantum systems T. Kitagawa, E. Berg, M. Rudner, E. Demler
2 7.44 228 2010/02/26 Entanglement spectrum of a topological phase in one dimension F. Pollmann, A. M. Turner, E. Berg, M. Oshikawa
3 6.87 121 2012/02/22 Symmetry protection of topological phases in one-dimensional quantum spin systems F. Pollmann, E. Berg, A. M. Turner, M. Oshikawa
4 6.61 108 2013/07/23 Anomalous Edge States and the Bulk-Edge Correspondence for Periodically Driven Two-Dimensional Systems M. S. Rudner, N. H. Lindner, E. Berg, M. Levin
5 6.58 135 2011/02/08 Topological phases of one-dimensional fermions: An entanglement point of view A. M. Turner, F. Pollmann, E. Berg
6 6.08 170 2010/08/23 Odd-Parity Topological Superconductors: Theory and Application to CuxBi2Se3 L. Fu, E. Berg
7 4.07 61 2014/03/12 Universal Topological Quantum Computation from a Superconductor-Abelian Quantum Hall Heterostructure R. S. Mong, D. J. Clarke, J. Alicea, N. H. Lindner, P. Fendley, C. Nayak, Y. Oreg, A. Stern, E. Berg, ..., M. P. Fisher
8 4.05 6 2016/08/23 Ising Nematic Quantum Critical Point in a Metal: A Monte Carlo Study Y. Schattner, S. Lederer, S. A. Kivelson, E. Berg
9 3.24 69 2012/10/11 Fractionalizing Majorana Fermions: Non-Abelian Statistics on the Edges of Abelian Quantum Hall States N. H. Lindner, E. Berg, G. Refael, A. Stern
10 2.85 5 2016/08/26 Competing Orders in a Nearly Antiferromagnetic Metal Y. Schattner, M. H. Gerlach, S. Trebst, E. Berg
11 2.38 85 2007/09/19 Dynamical Layer Decoupling in a Stripe-Ordered High-Tc Superconductor E. Berg, E. Fradkin, E. A. Kim, S. A. Kivelson, V. Oganesyan, J. M. Tranquada, S. C. Zhang
12 2.35 10 2016/05/06 Anomalous Floquet-Anderson Insulator as a Nonadiabatic Quantized Charge Pump P. Titum, E. Berg, M. S. Rudner, G. Refael, N. H. Lindner
13 2.23 56 2010/09/24 Exploring topological phases with quantum walks T. Kitagawa, M. S. Rudner, E. Berg, E. Demler
14 2.03 35 2013/09/09 Inducing Time-Reversal-Invariant Topological Superconductivity and Fermion Parity Pumping in Quantum Wires A. Keselman, L. Fu, A. Stern, E. Berg
15 1.96 24 2015/03/02 Enhancement of Superconductivity near a Nematic Quantum Critical Point S. Lederer, Y. Schattner, E. Berg, S. A. Kivelson
16 1.71 12 2015/06/08 Gapless symmetry-protected topological phase of fermions in one dimension A. Keselman, E. Berg
17 1.70 66 2006/12/27 Hidden Order in 1D Bose Insulators E. G. Dalla Torre, E. Berg, E. Altman
18 1.45 44 2009/02/12 Theory of the striped superconductor E. Berg, E. Fradkin, S. A. Kivelson
19 1.08 7 2015/12/21 Current at a Distance and Resonant Transparency in Weyl Semimetals Y. Baum, E. Berg, S. A. Parameswaran, A. Stern
20 0.93 21 2014/03/31 Topological superconducting phases of weakly coupled quantum wires I. Seroussi, E. Berg, Y. Oreg