Papers by M. Dzero

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.96 169 2010/03/12 Topological Kondo Insulators M. Dzero, K. Sun, V. Galitski, P. Coleman
2 4.81 50 2013/11/27 Cubic Topological Kondo Insulators V. Alexandrov, M. Dzero, P. Coleman
3 3.96 75 2012/01/30 Theory of topological Kondo insulators M. Dzero, K. Sun, P. Coleman, V. Galitski
4 2.66 22 2014/10/21 Surface theory of a family of topological Kondo insulators B. Roy, J. D. Sau, M. Dzero, V. Galitski
5 1.67 19 2014/08/13 Quench-Induced Floquet Topological p-Wave Superfluids M. S. Foster, V. Gurarie, M. Dzero, E. A. Yuzbashyan
6 1.04 47 2006/06/16 Dynamical Vanishing of the Order Parameter in a Fermionic Condensate E. A. Yuzbashyan, M. Dzero
7 1.00 24 2013/09/16 Quantum quench in a p+ip superfluid: Winding numbers and topological states far from equilibrium M. S. Foster, M. Dzero, V. Gurarie, E. A. Yuzbashyan
8 0.63 23 2009/11/12 Electron Cotunneling into a Kondo Lattice M. Maltseva, M. Dzero, P. Coleman
9 0.58 21 2005/04/21 Superconductivity in Charge Kondo Systems M. Dzero, J. Schmalian
10 0.21 8 2015/03/23 Quantum quench phase diagrams of an s-wave BCS-BEC condensate E. A. Yuzbashyan, M. Dzero, V. Gurarie, M. S. Foster
11 0.17 2 2015/10/14 Nonuniversal weak antilocalization effect in cubic topological Kondo insulators M. Dzero, M. G. Vavilov, K. Kechedzhi, V. M. Galitski
12 0.11 15 2011/09/06 Spectroscopy of the soliton lattice formation in quasi-one-dimensional fermionic superfluids with population imbalance R. M. Lutchyn, M. Dzero, V. M. Yakovenko
13 -0.00 11 2005/09/26 Activated events in glasses: The structure of entropic droplets M. Dzero, J. Schmalian, P. G. Wolynes
14 -0.05 9 2012/01/30 Strong Magnetic Fluctuations in a Superconducting State of CeCoIn5 T. Hu, H. Xiao, T. A. Sayles, M. Dzero, M. B. Maple, C. C. Almasan
15 -0.08 1 2016/07/07 Anomalous Hall effect on the surface of topological Kondo insulators E. J. König, P. M. Ostrovsky, M. Dzero, A. Levchenko
16 -0.10 16 2004/03/08 Breakup of a Stoner model for the two-dimensional ferromagnetic quantum critical point M. Dzero, L. P. Gor'Kov
17 -0.13 9 2006/10/31 Quantum Critical End Point for the Kondo Volume Collapse Model M. Dzero, M. R. Norman, I. Paul, C. Pépin, J. Schmalian
18 -0.13 14 2007/10/16 Spectroscopic Signatures of Nonequilibrium Pairing in Atomic Fermi Gases M. Dzero, E. A. Yuzbashyan, B. L. Altshuler, P. Coleman
19 -0.19 8 2010/07/22 Exact solution for quantum dynamics of a periodically driven two-level system A. Gangopadhyay, M. Dzero, V. Galitski
20 -0.33 0 2016/10/06 Multiband superconductivity in the correlated electron filled skutterudite system Pr1xCexPt4Ge12 Y. P. Singh, R. B. Adhikari, S. Zhang, K. Huang, D. Yazici, I. Jeon, M. B. Maple, M. Dzero, C. C. Almasan