Papers by R. Britto

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.10 120 2005/05/10 Direct Proof of the Tree-Level Scattering Amplitude Recursion Relation in Yang-Mills Theory R. Britto, F. Cachazo, B. Feng, E. Witten
2 2.46 15 2003/11/12 N=12 Wess-Zumino Model Is Renormalizable R. Britto, B. Feng
3 1.27 30 2005/01/31 Computing one-loop amplitudes from the holomorphic anomaly of unitarity cuts R. Britto, F. Cachazo, B. Feng
4 1.05 28 2005/09/16 One-loop amplitudes of gluons in supersymmetric QCD R. Britto, E. Buchbinder, F. Cachazo, B. Feng
5 0.56 23 2006/05/03 Cut-constructible part of QCD amplitudes R. Britto, B. Feng, P. Mastrolia
6 0.44 12 2005/05/31 All split helicity tree-level gluon amplitudes R. Britto, B. Feng, R. Roiban, M. Spradlin, A. Volovich
7 0.38 7 2004/06/28 U(N) instantons on N=12 superspace: Exact solution and geometry of moduli space R. Britto, B. Feng, O. Lunin, S. J. Rey
8 0.11 13 2007/05/10 Unitarity cuts with massive propagators and algebraic expressions for coefficients R. Britto, B. Feng
9 -0.07 13 2008/07/28 Closed-form decomposition of one-loop massive amplitudes R. Britto, B. Feng, P. Mastrolia