Papers by R. Chen

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 6.93 22 2015/09/25 Identifying Exotic Hidden-Charm Pentaquarks R. Chen, X. Liu, X. Q. Li, S. L. Zhu
2 1.05 11 2011/09/14 First Evidence of the Role of Zonal Flows for the L-H Transition at Marginal Input Power in the EAST Tokamak G. S. Xu, B. N. Wan, H. Q. Wang, H. Y. Guo, H. L. Zhao, A. D. Liu, V. Naulin, P. H. Diamond, G. R. Tynan, ..., S. Y. Ding
3 0.95 14 2013/04/26 Dimer Mott insulator in an oxide heterostructure R. Chen, S. Lee, L. Balents
4 0.92 18 2013/04/17 Ground states of spin-12 triangular antiferromagnets in a magnetic field R. Chen, H. Ju, H. C. Jiang, O. A. Starykh, L. Balents
5 0.89 12 2005/08/12 Centrifugal force model for pedestrian dynamics W. J. Yu, R. Chen, L. Y. Dong, S. Q. Dai
6 0.81 1 2016/11/15 Magnetic moments of the hidden-charm pentaquark states G. J. Wang, R. Chen, L. Ma, X. Liu, S. L. Zhu
7 0.57 21 2011/01/06 Landau Theory of Charge and Spin Ordering in the Nickelates S. Lee, R. Chen, L. Balents
8 0.57 5 2015/06/23 Dirac metal to topological metal transition at a structural phase change in Au2Pb and prediction of Z2 topology for the superconductor L. M. Schoop, L. S. Xie, R. Chen, Q. D. Gibson, S. H. Lapidus, I. Kimchi, M. Hirschberger, N. Haldolaarachchige, M. N. Ali, ..., R. J. Cava
9 0.52 27 2008/09/02 Thermal Conductance of Thin Silicon Nanowires R. Chen, A. I. Hochbaum, P. Murphy, J. Moore, P. Yang, A. Majumdar
10 0.44 9 2014/02/28 Correlation between metal-insulator transitions and structural distortions in high-electron-density SrTiO3 quantum wells J. Y. Zhang, C. A. Jackson, R. Chen, S. Raghavan, P. Moetakef, L. Balents, S. Stemmer
11 0.25 31 2011/10/20 Metal-insulator transition in a two-band model for the perovskite nickelates S. Lee, R. Chen, L. Balents
12 0.03 1 2016/08/04 Is the newly reported X(5568) a BK¯ molecular state? R. Chen, X. Liu
13 0.01 11 2012/02/09 Single-nucleon potential decomposition of the nuclear symmetry energy R. Chen, B. J. Cai, L. W. Chen, B. A. Li, X. H. Li, C. Xu
14 -0.00 31 1990/01/15 Optical-phonon modes in a double heterostructure of polar crystals R. Chen, D. L. Lin, T. F. George
15 -0.03 18 1996/08/05 Observation of Internal Transitions of Confined Excitons in GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Wells M. S. Salib, H. A. Nickel, G. S. Herold, A. Petrou, B. D. Mccombe, R. Chen, K. K. Bajaj, W. Scha
16 -0.17 5 1981/11/01 Solution of the kinetic equations governing trap filling. Consequences concerning dose dependence and dose-rate effects R. Chen, S. W. Mckeever, S. A. Durrani
17 -0.17 16 1991/04/15 Interface-phonon-mediated magnetopolaronic effect on impurity transition energies in quantum wells D. L. Lin, R. Chen, T. F. George
18 -0.17 7 1994/07/15 Enhancement of the electronic effective mass in quantum wires R. Chen, K. K. Bajaj
19 -0.18 2 2014/08/18 Predicting exotic molecular states composed of nucleon and P-wave charmed meson R. Chen, Z. F. Sun, X. Liu, S. M. Gerasyuta
20 -0.21 0 2016/02/11 Strain-induced nonsymmorphic symmetry breaking and removal of Dirac semimetallic nodal line in an orthoperovskite iridate J. Liu, D. Kriegner, L. Horak, D. Puggioni, C. R. Serrao, R. Chen, D. Yi, C. Frontera, V. Holy, ..., R. Ramesh