Papers by B. Uchoa

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.57 25 2015/07/09 Line of Dirac Nodes in Hyperhoneycomb Lattices K. Mullen, B. Uchoa, D. T. Glatzhofer
2 2.26 90 2007/04/03 Superconducting States of Pure and Doped Graphene B. Uchoa, A. H. Castro Neto
3 2.17 202 2012/07/19 Electron-Electron Interactions in Graphene: Current Status and Perspectives V. N. Kotov, B. Uchoa, V. M. Pereira, F. Guinea, A. H. Castro Neto
4 2.05 55 2011/01/04 Kondo Quantum Criticality of Magnetic Adatoms in Graphene B. Uchoa, T. G. Rappoport, A. H. Castro Neto
5 1.85 30 2012/09/13 Zero-energy modes and gate-tunable gap in graphene on hexagonal boron nitride M. Kindermann, B. Uchoa, D. L. Miller
6 0.91 28 2009/11/11 Theory of Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Magnetic Adatoms in Graphene B. Uchoa, L. Yang, S. W. Tsai, N. M. Peres, A. H. Castro Neto
7 0.85 19 2008/01/17 Tailoring graphene with metals on top B. Uchoa, C. Y. Lin, A. H. Castro Neto
8 0.70 65 2008/07/11 Localized Magnetic States in Graphene B. Uchoa, V. N. Kotov, N. M. Peres, A. H. Castro Neto
9 0.47 19 2005/05/17 Nodal liquid and s-wave superconductivity in transition metal dichalcogenides B. Uchoa, G. G. Cabrera, A. H. Castro Neto
10 0.10 26 2008/07/17 Electron-electron interactions in the vacuum polarization of graphene V. N. Kotov, B. Uchoa, A. H. Castro Neto
11 0.08 17 2008/08/22 Polarization charge distribution in gapped graphene: Perturbation theory and exact diagonalization analysis V. N. Kotov, V. M. Pereira, B. Uchoa
12 0.06 7 2013/07/23 Superconducting States in Pseudo-Landau-Levels of Strained Graphene B. Uchoa, Y. Barlas
13 -0.12 7 2012/10/18 Odd-momentum pairing and superconductivity in vertical graphene heterostructures F. Guinea, B. Uchoa
14 -0.16 7 2009/03/09 Comment on “BCS Superconductivity of Dirac Electrons in Graphene Layers” B. Uchoa, A. H. Neto
15 -0.16 8 2009/12/07 Magnetism and magnetotransport in disordered graphene T. G. Rappoport, B. Uchoa, A. H. Castro Neto
16 -0.18 5 2007/02/07 Comment on “New Mean-Field Theory of the tttJ Model Applied to High-Tc Superconductors” A. Ferraz, E. Kochetov, B. Uchoa
17 -0.24 0 2008/07/18 Publisher’s Note: Localized Magnetic States in Graphene [Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 026805 (2008)] B. Uchoa, V. N. Kotov, N. M. Peres, A. H. Castro Neto
18 -0.24 3 2004/04/16 Electromagnetic response of layered superconductors with broken lattice inversion symmetry B. Uchoa, A. H. Neto, G. G. Cabrera
19 -0.30 9 2006/12/28 Magnetic structure and critical behavior of GdRhIn5: Resonant x-ray diffraction and renormalization group analysis E. Granado, B. Uchoa, A. Malachias, R. Lora-Serrano, P. G. Pagliuso, H. Westfahl
20 -0.32 2 2014/08/22 Adatoms and Anderson localization in graphene J. H. García, B. Uchoa, L. Covaci, T. G. Rappoport