Papers by A. P. Schnyder

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 15.34 677 2008/11/26 Classification of topological insulators and superconductors in three spatial dimensions A. P. Schnyder, S. Ryu, A. Furusaki, A. W. Ludwig
2 3.75 36 2014/11/26 Classification of reflection-symmetry-protected topological semimetals and nodal superconductors C. K. Chiu, A. P. Schnyder
3 2.26 76 2011/08/11 Topological phases and surface flat bands in superconductors without inversion symmetry A. P. Schnyder, S. Ryu
4 2.14 33 2013/05/13 Evidence for superconductivity with broken time-reversal symmetry in locally noncentrosymmetric SrPtAs P. K. Biswas, H. Luetkens, T. Neupert, T. Stürzer, C. Baines, G. Pascua, A. P. Schnyder, M. H. Fischer, J. Goryo, ..., D. Johrendt
5 1.40 39 2012/01/11 Types of topological surface states in nodal noncentrosymmetric superconductors A. P. Schnyder, P. M. Brydon, C. Timm
6 1.29 28 2008/03/21 Irrational Versus Rational Charge and Statistics in Two-Dimensional Quantum Systems C. Chamon, C. Y. Hou, R. Jackiw, C. Mudry, S. Y. Pi, A. P. Schnyder
7 0.94 36 2011/07/06 Topologically protected flat zero-energy surface bands in noncentrosymmetric superconductors P. M. Brydon, A. P. Schnyder, C. Timm
8 0.81 27 2009/03/05 Spin-Orbital Singlet and Quantum Critical Point on the Diamond Lattice: FeSc2S4 G. Chen, L. Balents, A. P. Schnyder
9 0.40 29 2009/05/15 Lattice Model of a Three-Dimensional Topological Singlet Superconductor with Time-Reversal Symmetry A. P. Schnyder, S. Ryu, A. W. Ludwig
10 0.39 12 2014/02/05 Stability of flat-band edge states in topological superconductors without inversion center R. Queiroz, A. P. Schnyder
11 0.22 6 2015/01/26 Helical Majorana surface states of strongly disordered topological superconductors with time-reversal symmetry R. Queiroz, A. P. Schnyder
12 0.22 12 2009/12/07 Excitation spectrum and magnetic field effects in a quantum critical spin-orbital system: The case of FeSc2S4 G. Chen, A. P. Schnyder, L. Balents
13 0.17 7 2013/10/08 Theory of quasiparticle scattering interference on the surface of topological superconductors J. S. Hofmann, R. Queiroz, A. P. Schnyder
14 0.14 14 2013/08/13 Edge Currents as a Signature of Flatbands in Topological Superconductors A. P. Schnyder, C. Timm, P. M. Brydon
15 0.04 8 2014/07/25 Signatures of nonadiabatic BCS state dynamics in pump-probe conductivity H. Krull, D. Manske, G. S. Uhrig, A. P. Schnyder
16 0.00 19 2010/11/08 Andreev spectroscopy and surface density of states for a three-dimensional time-reversal-invariant topological superconductor A. P. Schnyder, P. M. Brydon, D. Manske, C. Timm
17 -0.00 6 2013/08/05 Origin of Rashba splitting in the quantized subbands at the Bi2Se3 surface H. M. Benia, A. Yaresko, A. P. Schnyder, J. Henk, C. T. Lin, K. Kern, C. R. Ast
18 -0.00 17 2008/11/18 Spatially anisotropic Heisenberg kagome antiferromagnet A. P. Schnyder, O. A. Starykh, L. Balents
19 -0.02 18 2007/02/15 Magnetic-Field-Induced Spin Excitations and Renormalized Spin Gap of the Underdoped La1.895Sr0.105CuO4 Superconductor J. Chang, A. P. Schnyder, R. Gilardi, H. M. Rønnow, S. Pailhes, N. B. Christensen, C. Niedermayer, D. F. Mcmorrow, A. Hiess, ..., J. Mesot
20 -0.18 2 2015/12/04 Majorana edge states in superconductor-noncollinear magnet interfaces W. Chen, A. P. Schnyder