Papers by M. Heyde

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1 0.80 37 2007/03/02 Control of the Charge State of Metal Atoms on Thin MgO Films M. Sterrer, T. Risse, U. Martinez Pozzoni, L. Giordano, M. Heyde, H. P. Rust, G. Pacchioni, H. J. Freund
2 0.45 23 2007/05/14 Crossover from Three-Dimensional to Two-Dimensional Geometries of Au Nanostructures on Thin MgO(001) Films: A Confirmation of Theoretical Predictions M. Sterrer, T. Risse, M. Heyde, H. P. Rust, H. J. Freund
3 0.04 11 2006/04/14 Binding of Single Gold Atoms on Thin MgO(001) Films M. Yulikov, M. Sterrer, M. Heyde, H. P. Rust, T. Risse, H. J. Freund, G. Pacchioni, A. Scagnelli
4 0.01 4 2010/09/30 Growth and Structure of Crystalline Silica Sheet on Ru(0001) D. Löffler, J. J. Uhlrich, M. Baron, B. Yang, X. Yu, L. Lichtenstein, L. Heinke, C. Büchner, M. Heyde, ..., J. Sauer
5 -0.02 4 2012/09/06 Crystalline-Vitreous Interface in Two Dimensional Silica L. Lichtenstein, M. Heyde, H. J. Freund
6 -0.02 10 2005/02/08 Contact-area dependence of frictional forces: Moving adsorbed antimony nanoparticles C. Ritter, M. Heyde, B. Stegemann, K. Rademann, U. D. Schwarz
7 -0.10 4 2008/09/02 Atomically resolved force microscopy images of complex surface unit cells: Ultrathin alumina film on NiAl(110) G. H. Simon, T. König, M. Nilius, H. P. Rust, M. Heyde, H. J. Freund
8 -0.15 9 2008/12/22 Charge-induced formation of linear Au clusters on thin MgO films: Scanning tunneling microscopy and density-functional theory study V. Simic-Milosevic, M. Heyde, X. Lin, T. König, H. P. Rust, M. Sterrer, T. Risse, N. Nilius, H. J. Freund, ..., G. Pacchioni
9 -0.35 0 2008/11/17 Superlattice structure of an Ar monolayer on Ag(111) observed by low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy T. König, G. H. Simon, K. H. Rieder, H. P. Rust, M. Heyde
10 -0.36 0 2006/03/15 Frequency-modulated atomic force spectroscopy on NiAl(110) partially covered with a thin alumina film M. Heyde, M. Kulawik, H. P. Rust, H. J. Freund
11 -0.38 2 2007/05/14 Substrate-mediated interaction and electron-induced diffusion of single lithium atoms on Ag(001) V. Simic-Milosevic, M. Heyde, N. Nilius, M. Nowicki, H. P. Rust, H. J. Freund
12 -0.43 1 2005/04/25 STM studies of ordered (31×31)R9° CO islands on Ag(111) M. Kulawik, H. P. Rust, N. Nilius, M. Heyde, H. J. Freund
13 -0.48 0 2013/07/15 Nonuniform friction-area dependency for antimony oxide surfaces sliding on graphite C. Ritter, M. Z. Baykara, B. Stegemann, M. Heyde, K. Rademann, J. Schroers, U. D. Schwarz
14 -0.52 0 2010/02/25 Imaging of individual adatoms on oxide surfaces by dynamic force microscopy G. H. Simon, T. König, H. P. Rust, M. V. Ganduglia-Pirovano, J. Sauer, M. Heyde, H. J. Freund
15 -0.60 0 2011/05/25 Three-dimensional electrostatic interactions in dynamic force microscopy: Experiment and theory T. König, L. Heinke, G. H. Simon, M. Heyde
16 -0.67 0 2010/08/31 Structure and electronic properties of step edges in the aluminum oxide film on NiAl(110) L. Heinke, L. Lichtenstein, G. H. Simon, T. König, M. Heyde, H. J. Freund
17 -0.72 0 2014/03/27 Understanding surface core-level shifts using the Auger parameter: A study of Pd atoms adsorbed on ultrathin SiO2 films W. E. Kaden, C. Büchner, L. Lichtenstein, S. Stuckenholz, F. Ringleb, M. Heyde, M. Sterrer, H. J. Freund, L. Giordano, ..., P. S. Bagus