Papers by Y. Long

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 17.78 101 2015/08/24 Observation of the Chiral-Anomaly-Induced Negative Magnetoresistance in 3D Weyl Semimetal TaAs X. Huang, L. Zhao, Y. Long, P. Wang, D. Chen, Z. Yang, H. Liang, M. Xue, H. Weng, ..., G. Chen
2 0.97 1 2016/07/12 Strong enhancement of spin ordering by A-site magnetic ions in the ferrimagnet CaCu3Fe2Os2O12 H. Deng, M. Liu, J. Dai, Z. Hu, C. Kuo, Y. Yin, J. Yang, X. Wang, Q. Zhao, ..., Y. Long
3 -0.04 2 2007/08/10 Surface-Plasmon-Polariton Assisted Diffraction in Periodic Subwavelength Holes of Metal Films with Reduced Interplane Coupling X. Fang, Z. Li, Y. Long, H. Wei, R. Liu, J. Ma, M. Kamran, H. Zhao, X. Han, ..., X. Qiu
4 -0.04 6 2013/04/12 Equations of state and transport properties of warm dense beryllium: A quantum molecular dynamics study C. Wang, Y. Long, M. F. Tian, X. T. He, P. Zhang
5 -0.07 2 2015/08/18 Observation of Magnetoelectric Multiferroicity in a Cubic Perovskite System: LaMn3Cr4O12 X. Wang, Y. Chai, L. Zhou, H. Cao, C. D. Cruz, J. Yang, J. Dai, Y. Yin, Z. Yuan, ..., Y. Long
6 -0.26 5 2013/07/29 Transport properties of dense deuterium-tritium plasmas C. Wang, Y. Long, X. T. He, J. F. Wu, W. H. Ye, P. Zhang
7 -0.44 3 2005/04/11 Electronic transport in single polyaniline and polypyrrole microtubes Y. Long, L. Zhang, Z. Chen, K. Huang, Y. Yang, H. Xiao, M. Wan, A. Jin, C. Gu
8 -0.65 0 2013/07/09 NMR realization of adiabatic quantum algorithms for the modified Simon problem Y. Long, G. Feng, Y. Tang, W. Qin, G. Long
9 -0.69 0 2011/01/31 Various 3d-4f spin interactions and field-induced metamagnetism in the Cr5+ system DyCrO4 Y. Long, Q. Liu, Y. Lv, R. Yu, C. Jin