Papers by X. L. Qi

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61 0.20 1 2016/08/11 Holographic entanglement renormalization of topological insulators X. Wen, G. Y. Cho, P. L. Lopes, Y. Gu, X. L. Qi, S. Ryu
62 0.19 1 2016/07/18 Topological Superconductivity on the Surface of Fe-Based Superconductors G. Xu, B. Lian, P. Tang, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
63 0.16 19 2011/03/24 Topological Magnetic Insulators with Corundum Structure J. Wang, R. Li, S. C. Zhang, X. L. Qi
64 0.13 5 2016/02/16 Quantum oscillations in Weyl and Dirac semimetal ultrathin films D. Bulmash, X. L. Qi
65 0.08 9 2014/08/06 Lattice construction of pseudopotential Hamiltonians for fractional Chern insulators C. H. Lee, X. L. Qi
66 0.07 14 2011/03/23 Conductance and noise signatures of Majorana backscattering S. B. Chung, X. L. Qi, J. Maciejko, S. C. Zhang
67 0.07 13 2012/04/16 Topological insulators in filled skutterudites B. Yan, L. Müchler, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang, C. Felser
68 0.06 19 2005/06/06 Mutual Chern-Simons effective theory of doped antiferromagnets S. P. Kou, X. L. Qi, Z. Y. Weng
69 0.06 8 2014/05/30 Identifying non-Abelian topological ordered state and transition by momentum polarization Y. Zhang, X. L. Qi
70 0.06 11 2012/12/19 Models of three-dimensional fractional topological insulators J. Maciejko, X. L. Qi, A. Karch, S. C. Zhang
71 0.06 1 2016/08/01 Tensor network quotient takes the vacuum to the thermal state B. Czech, G. Evenbly, L. Lamprou, S. McCandlish, X. L. Qi, J. Sully, G. Vidal
72 0.04 15 2010/10/29 Theoretical prediction of topological insulator in ternary rare earth chalcogenides B. Yan, H. J. Zhang, C. X. Liu, X. L. Qi, T. Frauenheim, S. C. Zhang
73 0.01 8 2014/12/12 Majorana zero modes in dislocations of Sr2RuO4 T. L. Hughes, H. Yao, X. L. Qi
74 0.01 3 2015/08/10 Quantized topological magnetoelectric effect of the zero-plateau quantum anomalous Hall state J. Wang, B. Lian, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
75 -0.01 12 2010/11/04 Spin Aharonov-Bohm effect and topological spin transistor J. Maciejko, E. A. Kim, X. L. Qi
76 -0.06 12 2009/06/02 Supersymmetric valence bond solid states D. P. Arovas, K. Hasebe, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
77 -0.07 6 2015/01/13 Generalized Kitaev Models and Extrinsic Non-Abelian Twist Defects M. Barkeshli, H. C. Jiang, R. Thomale, X. L. Qi
78 -0.09 11 2011/11/07 Topological Response Theory of Doped Topological Insulators M. Barkeshli, X. L. Qi
79 -0.10 6 2012/06/07 Dissipationless phonon Hall viscosity M. Barkeshli, S. B. Chung, X. L. Qi
80 -0.14 2 2015/05/26 Unified Topological Response Theory For Gapped and Gapless Free Fermions D. Bulmash, P. Hosur, S. C. Zhang, X. L. Qi