Papers by H. Katsura

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 20.62 509 2005/07/28 Spin Current and Magnetoelectric Effect in Noncollinear Magnets H. Katsura, N. Nagaosa, A. V. Balatsky
2 6.97 191 2011/06/06 Nearly Flatbands with Nontrivial Topology K. Sun, Z. Gu, H. Katsura, S. Das Sarma
3 6.89 193 2009/06/24 Quantum Spin Hall Effect in a Transition Metal Oxide Na2IrO3 A. Shitade, H. Katsura, J. KuneŇ°, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang, N. Nagaosa
4 3.59 81 2007/01/11 Dynamical Magnetoelectric Coupling in Helical Magnets H. Katsura, A. V. Balatsky, N. Nagaosa
5 2.03 70 2012/05/10 General Relationship between the Entanglement Spectrum and the Edge State Spectrum of Topological Quantum States X. L. Qi, H. Katsura, A. W. Ludwig
6 1.76 43 2010/07/20 Extreme sensitivity of a frustrated quantum magnet: Cs2CuCl4 O. A. Starykh, H. Katsura, L. Balents
7 1.70 48 2010/02/10 Theory of the Thermal Hall Effect in Quantum Magnets H. Katsura, N. Nagaosa, P. A. Lee
8 0.96 26 2008/03/26 Topological classification of gapped spin chains: Quantized Berry phase as a local order parameter T. Hirano, H. Katsura, Y. Hatsugai
9 0.58 14 2013/12/06 Phase diagram and pair Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid in a Bose-Hubbard model with flat bands S. Takayoshi, H. Katsura, N. Watanabe, H. Aoki
10 0.53 8 2015/09/18 Exact ground states and topological order in interacting Kitaev/Majorana chains H. Katsura, D. Schuricht, M. Takahashi
11 0.40 15 2012/04/04 Effect of lattice geometry on magnon Hall effect in ferromagnetic insulators T. Ideue, Y. Onose, H. Katsura, Y. Shiomi, S. Ishiwata, N. Nagaosa, Y. Tokura
12 0.31 16 2010/09/16 Localization and fractality in inhomogeneous quantum walks with self-duality Y. Shikano, H. Katsura
13 0.20 8 2012/10/08 Interacting Fibonacci anyons in a Rydberg gas I. Lesanovsky, H. Katsura
14 0.04 9 2013/03/26 Ground States of the Spin-1 Bose-Hubbard Model H. Katsura, H. Tasaki
15 -0.01 17 2007/07/03 Exact analysis of entanglement in gapped quantum spin chains H. Katsura, T. Hirano, Y. Hatsugai
16 -0.03 15 2011/12/27 Entanglement spectra of the two-dimensional Affleck-Kennedy-Lieb-Tasaki model: Correspondence between the valence-bond-solid state and conformal field theory J. Lou, S. Tanaka, H. Katsura, N. Kawashima
17 -0.08 10 2012/09/19 Entanglement spectra of the quantum hard-square model: Holographic minimal models S. Tanaka, R. Tamura, H. Katsura
18 -0.13 5 2011/10/28 Sine-square deformation of free fermion systems in one and higher dimensions I. Maruyama, H. Katsura, T. Hikihara
19 -0.17 9 2008/08/21 Degeneracy and consistency condition for Berry phases: Gap closing under a local gauge twist T. Hirano, H. Katsura, Y. Hatsugai
20 -0.23 0 2016/11/07 Entanglement and corner Hamiltonian spectra of integrable open spin chains P. Kim, H. Katsura, N. Trivedi, J. H. Han