Papers by C. L. Gao

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1 2.54 8 2016/06/21 Majorana Zero Mode Detected with Spin Selective Andreev Reflection in the Vortex of a Topological Superconductor H. H. Sun, K. W. Zhang, L. H. Hu, C. Li, G. Y. Wang, H. Y. Ma, Z. A. Xu, C. L. Gao, D. D. Guan, ..., J. F. Jia
2 2.49 27 2014/05/30 Artificial Topological Superconductor by the Proximity Effect J. P. Xu, C. Liu, M. X. Wang, J. Ge, Z. L. Liu, X. Yang, Y. Chen, Y. Liu, Z. A. Xu, ..., J. F. Jia
3 2.17 32 2012/07/05 Spatial and Energy Distribution of Topological Edge States in Single Bi(111) Bilayer F. Yang, L. Miao, Z. F. Wang, M. Y. Yao, F. Zhu, Y. R. Song, M. X. Wang, J. P. Xu, A. V. Fedorov, ..., J. F. Jia
4 1.69 25 2015/01/07 Experimental Detection of a Majorana Mode in the core of a Magnetic Vortex inside a Topological Insulator-Superconductor Bi2Te3/NbSe2 Heterostructure J. P. Xu, M. X. Wang, Z. L. Liu, J. F. Ge, X. Yang, C. Liu, Z. A. Xu, D. Guan, C. L. Gao, ..., J. F. Jia
5 0.86 11 2014/05/08 Tuning structures and electronic spectra of graphene layers with tilt grain boundaries L. J. Yin, J. B. Qiao, W. X. Wang, Z. D. Chu, K. F. Zhang, R. F. Dou, C. L. Gao, J. F. Jia, J. C. Nie, ..., L. He
6 0.33 5 2014/08/05 Electronic structure of black phosphorus studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy C. Q. Han, M. Y. Yao, X. X. Bai, L. Miao, F. Zhu, D. D. Guan, S. Wang, C. L. Gao, C. Liu, ..., J. F. Jia
7 0.25 12 2007/07/13 Self-organized long-period adatom strings on stepped metal surfaces: Scanning tunneling microscopy, ab initio calculations, and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations H. F. Ding, V. S. Stepanyuk, P. A. Ignatiev, N. N. Negulyaev, L. Niebergall, M. Wasniowska, C. L. Gao, P. Bruno, J. Kirschner
8 0.10 16 2008/10/13 Spin Wave Dispersion on the Nanometer Scale C. L. Gao, A. Ernst, G. Fischer, W. Hergert, P. Bruno, W. Wulfhekel, J. Kirschner
9 0.09 5 2014/04/14 Orbit- and atom-resolved spin textures of intrinsic, extrinsic, and hybridized Dirac cone states L. Miao, Z. F. Wang, M. Y. Yao, F. Zhu, J. H. Dil, C. L. Gao, C. Liu, F. Liu, D. Qian, ..., J. F. Jia
10 -0.01 7 2013/10/25 Identifying Magnetic Anisotropy of the Topological Surface State of Cr0.05Sb1.95Te3 with Spin-Polarized STM F. Yang, Y. R. Song, H. Li, K. F. Zhang, X. Yao, C. Liu, D. Qian, C. L. Gao, J. F. Jia
11 -0.02 13 2007/03/09 Mapping the Surface Spin Structure of Large Unit Cells: Reconstructed Mn Films on Fe(001) C. L. Gao, U. Schlickum, W. Wulfhekel, J. Kirschner
12 -0.02 15 2008/12/31 Revealing the 120° Antiferromagnetic Néel Structure in Real Space: One Monolayer Mn on Ag(111) C. L. Gao, W. Wulfhekel, J. Kirschner
13 -0.06 8 2008/06/11 Noncollinear Surface Spin Density by Surface Reconstruction in the Alloy NiMn C. L. Gao, A. Ernst, A. Winkelmann, J. Henk, W. Wulfhekel, P. Bruno, J. Kirschner
14 -0.07 5 2014/03/04 Fully gapped s-wave-like superconducting state and electronic structure in Ir0.95Pd0.05Te2 single crystals with strong spin-orbital coupling D. J. Yu, F. Yang, L. Miao, C. Q. Han, M. Y. Yao, F. Zhu, Y. R. Song, K. F. Zhang, J. F. Ge, ..., J. F. Jia
15 -0.13 11 2005/09/14 Surface Magnetism during Oxygen-Aided Fe Homoepitaxy M. Nývlt, F. Bisio, J. Franta, C. L. Gao, H. Petek, J. Kirschner
16 -0.14 8 2010/05/06 Electronic structure and spin polarization of the Fe(001)-p(1×1)O surface A. Tange, C. L. Gao, B. Y. Yavorsky, I. V. Maznichenko, C. Etz, A. Ernst, W. Hergert, I. Mertig, W. Wulfhekel, ..., J. Kirschner
17 -0.31 6 2010/03/26 Atomic superlattice formation mechanism revealed by scanning tunneling microscopy and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations X. P. Zhang, B. F. Miao, L. Sun, C. L. Gao, A. Hu, H. F. Ding, J. Kirschner
18 -0.43 3 2006/08/07 Effect of antiferromagnetic layers on the spin-dependent transport in magnetic tunnel junctions U. Schlickum, C. L. Gao, W. Wulfhekel, J. Henk, P. Bruno, J. Kirschner
19 -0.49 1 2015/04/24 Surface states in lightly hole-doped sodium cobaltate Na1yCoO2 M. Y. Yao, L. Miao, N. L. Wang, J. H. Dil, M. Z. Hasan, D. D. Guan, C. L. Gao, C. Liu, D. Qian, ..., J. F. Jia
20 -0.50 2 2009/11/25 Pd Atomic Chain Formation as a Result of Submonolayer Deposition of 3d Metals on Pd(110) D. H. Wei, C. L. Gao, K. Zakeri, M. Przybylski