Papers by S. T. Flammia

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.27 78 2010/10/04 Quantum State Tomography via Compressed Sensing D. Gross, Y. K. Liu, S. T. Flammia, S. Becker, J. Eisert
2 3.03 70 2005/10/18 Entanglement and the power of one qubit A. Datta, S. T. Flammia, C. M. Caves
3 2.74 2 2016/10/21 Comparing Experiments to the Fault-Tolerance Threshold R. Kueng, D. M. Long, R. C. Doherty, S. T. Flammia
4 2.61 61 2009/05/11 Most Quantum States Are Too Entangled To Be Useful As Computational Resources D. Gross, S. T. Flammia, J. Eisert
5 2.03 64 2009/12/28 Topological Entanglement Rényi Entropy and Reduced Density Matrix Structure S. T. Flammia, A. Hamma, T. L. Hughes, X. G. Wen
6 1.86 52 2008/09/22 One-Way Quantum Computing in the Optical Frequency Comb N. C. Menicucci, S. T. Flammia, O. Pfister
7 1.69 36 2011/06/08 Direct Fidelity Estimation from Few Pauli Measurements S. T. Flammia, Y. K. Liu
8 1.45 71 2007/02/28 Generalized Limits for Single-Parameter Quantum Estimation S. Boixo, S. T. Flammia, C. M. Caves, J. Geremia
9 0.93 11 2014/04/03 Local PT Symmetry Violates the No-Signaling Principle Y. C. Lee, M. H. Hsieh, S. T. Flammia, R. K. Lee
10 0.86 33 2011/04/28 Graphical calculus for Gaussian pure states N. C. Menicucci, S. T. Flammia, P. Van Loock
11 0.72 19 2009/09/18 Adiabatic Gate Teleportation D. Bacon, S. T. Flammia
12 0.65 10 2014/09/30 Thermalization, Error Correction, and Memory Lifetime for Ising Anyon Systems C. G. Brell, S. Burton, G. Dauphinais, S. T. Flammia, D. Poulin
13 0.65 32 2008/01/15 Quantum-limited metrology with product states S. Boixo, A. Datta, S. T. Flammia, A. Shaji, E. Bagan, C. M. Caves
14 0.46 6 2015/08/11 Nonexponential fidelity decay in randomized benchmarking with low-frequency noise M. A. Fogarty, M. Veldhorst, R. Harper, C. H. Yang, S. D. Bartlett, S. T. Flammia, A. S. Dzurak
15 0.40 29 2007/07/12 Ultracompact generation of continuous-variable cluster states N. C. Menicucci, S. T. Flammia, H. Zaidi, O. Pfister
16 0.30 4 2016/02/01 Effect of noise correlations on randomized benchmarking H. Ball, T. M. Stace, S. T. Flammia, M. J. Biercuk
17 0.17 37 2008/07/24 Quantum Metrology: Dynamics versus Entanglement S. Boixo, A. Datta, M. J. Davis, S. T. Flammia, A. Shaji, C. M. Caves
18 -0.15 0 2016/11/14 Detecting topological order with ribbon operators J. C. Bridgeman, S. T. Flammia, D. Poulin
19 -0.19 2 2015/07/31 Adiabatic topological quantum computing C. Cesare, R. J. Landahl, D. Bacon, S. T. Flammia, A. Neels
20 -0.19 7 2010/09/27 Adiabatic cluster-state quantum computing D. Bacon, S. T. Flammia