Papers by T. Henage

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 8.19 146 2010/01/08 Demonstration of a Neutral Atom Controlled-NOT Quantum Gate L. Isenhower, E. Urban, X. L. Zhang, A. T. Gill, T. Henage, T. A. Johnson, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman
2 2.12 48 2008/03/19 Rabi Oscillations between Ground and Rydberg States with Dipole-Dipole Atomic Interactions T. A. Johnson, E. Urban, T. Henage, L. Isenhower, D. D. Yavuz, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman
3 1.32 39 2006/02/14 Fast Ground State Manipulation of Neutral Atoms in Microscopic Optical Traps D. D. Yavuz, P. B. Kulatunga, E. Urban, T. A. Johnson, N. Proite, T. Henage, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman