Papers by F. Pollmann

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 8.48 122 2012/07/03 Unbounded Growth of Entanglement in Models of Many-Body Localization J. H. Bardarson, F. Pollmann, J. E. Moore
2 7.44 228 2010/02/26 Entanglement spectrum of a topological phase in one dimension F. Pollmann, A. M. Turner, E. Berg, M. Oshikawa
3 7.26 70 2014/09/04 Many-Body Localization in a Disordered Quantum Ising Chain J. A. Kjäll, J. H. Bardarson, F. Pollmann
4 6.87 121 2012/02/22 Symmetry protection of topological phases in one-dimensional quantum spin systems F. Pollmann, E. Berg, A. M. Turner, M. Oshikawa
5 6.58 135 2011/02/08 Topological phases of one-dimensional fermions: An entanglement point of view A. M. Turner, F. Pollmann, E. Berg
6 2.12 35 2012/02/09 Quantum Ice: A Quantum Monte Carlo Study N. Shannon, O. Sikora, F. Pollmann, K. Penc, P. Fulde
7 2.04 43 2013/06/04 Topological Characterization of Fractional Quantum Hall Ground States from Microscopic Hamiltonians M. P. Zaletel, R. S. Mong, F. Pollmann
8 1.91 42 2012/09/24 Detection of symmetry-protected topological phases in one dimension F. Pollmann, A. M. Turner
9 1.83 64 2009/06/26 Theory of Finite-Entanglement Scaling at One-Dimensional Quantum Critical Points F. Pollmann, S. Mukerjee, A. M. Turner, J. E. Moore
10 1.69 17 2015/09/10 Bosonic Integer Quantum Hall Effect in an Interacting Lattice Model Y. C. He, S. Bhattacharjee, R. Moessner, F. Pollmann
11 1.67 4 2016/07/28 Efficient variational diagonalization of fully many-body localized Hamiltonians F. Pollmann, V. Khemani, J. I. Cirac, S. L. Sondhi
12 1.55 34 2013/06/06 Phase diagram of the anisotropic spin-2 XXZ model: Infinite-system density matrix renormalization group study J. A. Kjäll, M. P. Zaletel, R. S. Mong, J. H. Bardarson, F. Pollmann
13 1.27 17 2015/08/26 Interaction-driven phases in the half-filled honeycomb lattice: An infinite density matrix renormalization group study J. Motruk, A. G. Grushin, F. D. Juan, F. Pollmann
14 1.09 6 2016/06/17 Obtaining Highly Excited Eigenstates of Many-Body Localized Hamiltonians by the Density Matrix Renormalization Group Approach V. Khemani, F. Pollmann, S. L. Sondhi
15 1.06 14 2015/04/07 Time-evolving a matrix product state with long-ranged interactions M. P. Zaletel, R. S. Mong, C. Karrasch, J. E. Moore, F. Pollmann
16 0.99 2 2016/11/01 Typicality approach to the optical conductivity in thermal and many-body localized phases R. Steinigeweg, J. Herbrych, F. Pollmann, W. Brenig
17 0.93 16 2015/01/14 Infinite density matrix renormalization group for multicomponent quantum Hall systems M. P. Zaletel, R. S. Mong, F. Pollmann, E. H. Rezayi
18 0.70 35 2010/02/04 Dynamics after a sweep through a quantum critical point F. Pollmann, S. Mukerjee, A. G. Green, J. E. Moore
19 0.64 8 2015/09/11 Chain-based order and quantum spin liquids in dipolar spin ice P. A. McClarty, O. Sikora, R. Moessner, K. Penc, F. Pollmann, N. Shannon
20 0.55 21 2013/07/23 Loschmidt Echo and the Many-Body Orthogonality Catastrophe in a Qubit-Coupled Luttinger Liquid B. Dóra, F. Pollmann, J. Fortágh, G. Zaránd