Papers by M. Chapellier

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 2.52 20 2012/09/06 Search for low-mass WIMPs with EDELWEISS-II heat-and-ionization detectors E. Armengaud, C. Augier, A. Benoît, L. Bergé, T. Bergmann, J. Blümer, A. Broniatowski, V. Brudanin, B. Censier, ..., EDELWEISS Collaboration
2 1.34 19 2011/07/06 Combined limits on WIMPs from the CDMS and EDELWEISS experiments Z. Ahmed, D. S. Akerib, E. Armengaud, S. Arrenberg, C. Augier, C. N. Bailey, D. Balakishiyeva, L. Baudis, D. A. Bauer, ..., EDELWEISS Collaboration
3 0.94 28 2005/06/20 Final results of the EDELWEISS-I dark matter search with cryogenic heat-and-ionization Ge detectors V. Sanglard, A. Benoit, L. Bergé, J. Blümer, A. Broniatowski, B. Censier, L. Chabert, M. Chapellier, G. Chardin, ..., EDELWEISS Collaboration
4 0.09 14 1987/11/01 Static and dynamic magnetic properties of He3 confined by fluorocarbon microspheres A. Schuhl, S. Maegawa, M. W. Meisel, M. Chapellier
5 -0.07 14 1979/04/02 Spin Polarization of Liquid He3 by Rapid Melting of Polarized Solid M. Chapellier, G. Frossati, F. B. Rasmussen
6 -0.08 14 1975/03/10 Magnetic Excitations and Magnetic Ordering in Praseodymium J. G. Houmann, M. Chapellier, A. R. Mackintosh, P. Bak, O. D. Mcmasters, K. A. Gschneidner
7 -0.14 8 1974/07/01 Principles of nuclear magnetic ordering M. Goldman, M. Chapellier, V. H. Chau, A. Abragam
8 -0.15 8 1977/01/10 Co Impurity in Palladium: Giant Moment and Kondo-like Coupling J. Flouquet, O. Taurian, J. Sanchez, M. Chapellier, J. L. Tholence
9 -0.18 4 1968/04/10 Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance Single-Shot Passage in Solids M. Goldman, M. Chapellier, V. H. Chau
10 -0.21 11 1988/05/30 Magnetization-Dependent Viscosity in Brute-Force-Polarized Liquid He3 G. A. Vermeulen, A. Schuhl, F. B. Rasmussen, J. Joffrin, G. Frossati, M. Chapellier
11 -0.29 3 1985/04/29 Production of Enhanced Liquid He3 Magnetization by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization A. Schuhl, S. Maegawa, M. W. Meisel, M. Chapellier
12 -0.30 4 1984/09/01 New behavior for the density dependence of vacancy formation and mobility in bcc He3 at high molar volumes M. Chapellier, M. Bassou, M. Devoret, J. M. Delrieu, N. S. Sullivan
13 -0.38 0 1989/11/01 Magnetic susceptibility of He3 at large molar volume M. E. Bernier, M. Bassou, M. Chapellier, M. Rotter