Papers by Y. D. Chong

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.27 88 2010/07/26 Coherent Perfect Absorbers: Time-Reversed Lasers Y. D. Chong, L. Ge, H. Cao, A. D. Stone
2 8.10 119 2011/03/02 PT-Symmetry Breaking and Laser-Absorber Modes in Optical Scattering Systems Y. D. Chong, L. Ge, A. D. Stone
3 3.92 90 2008/01/10 Reflection-Free One-Way Edge Modes in a Gyromagnetic Photonic Crystal Z. Wang, Y. D. Chong, J. D. Joannopoulos, M. Soljačić
4 2.93 42 2012/02/02 Conservation relations and anisotropic transmission resonances in one-dimensional PT-symmetric photonic heterostructures L. Ge, Y. D. Chong, A. D. Stone
5 1.52 23 2011/08/15 Unconventional modes in lasers with spatially varying gain and loss L. Ge, Y. D. Chong, S. Rotter, H. E. Türeci, A. D. Stone
6 1.11 11 2015/02/06 Measurement of a Topological Edge Invariant in a Microwave Network W. Hu, J. C. Pillay, K. Wu, M. Pasek, P. P. Shum, Y. D. Chong
7 0.96 19 2010/12/21 Steady-state ab initio laser theory: Generalizations and analytic results L. Ge, Y. D. Chong, A. D. Stone
8 0.90 16 2013/05/14 Optical Resonator Analog of a Two-Dimensional Topological Insulator G. Q. Liang, Y. D. Chong
9 0.88 9 2015/01/22 Localization and adiabatic pumping in a generalized Aubry-André-Harper model F. Liu, S. Ghosh, Y. D. Chong
10 0.74 10 2014/02/13 Network models of photonic Floquet topological insulators M. Pasek, Y. D. Chong
11 0.47 5 2016/04/14 Floquet Weyl phases in a three-dimensional network model H. Wang, L. Zhou, Y. D. Chong
12 0.35 2 2016/06/29 Anomalous Topological Phases and Unpaired Dirac Cones in Photonic Floquet Topological Insulators D. Leykam, M. C. Rechtsman, Y. D. Chong
13 0.29 23 2008/06/30 Effective theory of quadratic degeneracies Y. D. Chong, X. G. Wen, M. Soljačić
14 0.23 9 2012/08/08 General Linewidth Formula for Steady-State Multimode Lasing in Arbitrary Cavities Y. D. Chong, A. D. Stone
15 0.19 4 2015/06/04 Ab initio multimode linewidth theory for arbitrary inhomogeneous laser cavities A. Pick, A. Cerjan, D. Liu, A. W. Rodriguez, A. D. Stone, Y. D. Chong, S. G. Johnson
16 0.06 11 2011/10/12 Hidden Black: Coherent Enhancement of Absorption in Strongly Scattering Media Y. D. Chong, A. D. Stone
17 0.03 2 2015/10/19 Coherent optical control of polarization with a critical metasurface M. Kang, Y. D. Chong
18 -0.16 1 2016/04/22 Graphene electrodynamics in the presence of the extrinsic spin Hall effect C. Huang, Y. D. Chong, G. Vignale, M. A. Cazalilla
19 -0.21 5 2007/06/27 Quantum theory of a resonant photonic crystal Y. D. Chong, D. E. Pritchard, M. Soljačić
20 -0.26 8 2008/01/23 Dark-state polaritons in single- and double-Λ media Y. D. Chong, M. Soljačić