Papers by P. Windpassinger

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 10.53 172 2012/05/29 Tunable Gauge Potential for Neutral and Spinless Particles in Driven Optical Lattices J. Struck, C. Ölschläger, M. Weinberg, P. Hauke, J. Simonet, A. Eckardt, M. Lewenstein, K. Sengstock, P. Windpassinger
2 6.06 95 2012/10/05 Non-Abelian Gauge Fields and Topological Insulators in Shaken Optical Lattices P. Hauke, O. Tieleman, A. Celi, C. Ölschläger, J. Simonet, J. Struck, M. Weinberg, P. Windpassinger, K. Sengstock, ..., A. Eckardt
3 2.45 32 2013/02/25 Interferometry with Bose-Einstein Condensates in Microgravity H. Müntinga, H. Ahlers, M. Krutzik, A. Wenzlawski, S. Arnold, D. Becker, K. Bongs, H. Dittus, H. Duncker, ..., E. M. Rasel
4 0.56 3 2016/04/25 Double Bragg Interferometry H. Ahlers, H. Müntinga, A. Wenzlawski, M. Krutzik, G. Tackmann, S. Abend, N. Gaaloul, E. Giese, A. Roura, ..., E. M. Rasel
5 -0.12 6 2007/08/06 Trapping of Neutral Rubidium with a Macroscopic Three-Phase Electric Trap T. Rieger, P. Windpassinger, S. A. Rangwala, G. Rempe, P. W. Pinkse