Papers by A. Chandran

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.89 45 2015/02/24 Constructing local integrals of motion in the many-body localized phase A. Chandran, I. H. Kim, G. Vidal, D. A. Abanin
2 6.43 60 2014/04/07 Many-body localization and symmetry-protected topological order A. Chandran, V. Khemani, C. R. Laumann, S. L. Sondhi
3 1.80 23 2014/08/04 How Universal Is the Entanglement Spectrum? A. Chandran, V. Khemani, S. L. Sondhi
4 1.38 2 2016/10/07 Many-body localization beyond eigenstates in all dimensions A. Chandran, A. Pal, C. R. Laumann, A. Scardicchio
5 1.38 34 2012/08/20 Kibble-Zurek problem: Universality and the scaling limit A. Chandran, A. Erez, S. S. Gubser, S. L. Sondhi
6 1.23 45 2011/11/22 Bulk-edge correspondence in entanglement spectra A. Chandran, M. Hermanns, N. Regnault, B. A. Bernevig
7 1.06 1 2016/09/23 Universal corner entanglement of Dirac fermions and gapless bosons from the continuum to the lattice J. Helmes, L. E. Sierens, A. Chandran, W. Witczak-Krempa, R. G. Melko
8 0.88 16 2013/07/31 Equilibration and coarsening in the quantum O(N) model at infinite N A. Chandran, A. Nanduri, S. S. Gubser, S. L. Sondhi
9 0.65 13 2011/11/15 Characterization of a qubit Hamiltonian using adaptive measurements in a fixed basis A. Sergeevich, A. Chandran, J. Combes, S. D. Bartlett, H. M. Wiseman
10 0.51 19 2012/03/16 Real-space entanglement spectrum of quantum Hall states A. Sterdyniak, A. Chandran, N. Regnault, B. A. Bernevig, P. Bonderson
11 0.50 8 2015/07/01 Spectral tensor networks for many-body localization A. Chandran, J. Carrasquilla, I. H. Kim, D. A. Abanin, G. Vidal
12 0.36 3 2016/05/12 Interaction-stabilized steady states in the driven O(N) model A. Chandran, S. L. Sondhi
13 0.21 12 2007/10/25 Regional Versus Global Entanglement in Resonating-Valence-Bond States A. Chandran, D. Kaszlikowski, A. Sen, U. Sen, V. Vedral
14 0.12 5 2015/07/13 Semiclassical limit for the many-body localization transition A. Chandran, C. R. Laumann
15 0.09 12 2011/09/29 Haldane statistics in the finite-size entanglement spectra of 1/m fractional quantum Hall states M. Hermanns, A. Chandran, N. Regnault, B. A. Bernevig
16 -0.01 5 2014/11/17 Eigenstate thermalization and representative states on subsystems V. Khemani, A. Chandran, H. Kim, S. L. Sondhi
17 -0.11 0 2016/12/08 The eigenstate thermalization hypothesis in constrained Hilbert spaces: A case study in non-Abelian anyon chains A. Chandran, M. D. Schulz, F. J. Burnell
18 -0.43 1 2015/08/28 Emergent Coulombic criticality and Kibble-Zurek scaling in a topological magnet J. Hamp, A. Chandran, R. Moessner, C. Castelnovo
19 -0.62 2 2012/02/09 Metal-dielectric-metal surface plasmon-polariton resonators A. Chandran, E. S. Barnard, J. S. White, M. L. Brongersma