Papers by R. Parshani

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.57 68 2010/07/21 Interdependent Networks: Reducing the Coupling Strength Leads to a Change from a First to Second Order Percolation Transition R. Parshani, S. V. Buldyrev, S. Havlin
2 1.77 22 2010/06/22 Epidemic Threshold for the Susceptible-Infectious-Susceptible Model on Random Networks R. Parshani, S. Carmi, S. Havlin
3 0.26 10 2011/05/20 Percolation in networks composed of connectivity and dependency links A. Bashan, R. Parshani, S. Havlin
4 -0.27 6 2007/10/29 Limited Path Percolation in Complex Networks E. López, R. Parshani, R. Cohen, S. Carmi, S. Havlin
5 -0.35 2 2009/05/15 Structural crossover of polymers in disordered media R. Parshani, L. A. Braunstein, S. Havlin