Papers by N. Kumar

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.17 51 2014/07/10 Tightly Bound Excitons in Monolayer WSe2 K. He, N. Kumar, L. Zhao, Z. Wang, K. F. Mak, H. Zhao, J. Shan
2 3.35 5 2015/12/22 Vectorlike leptons at the Large Hadron Collider N. Kumar, S. P. Martin
3 2.95 20 2013/04/15 Second harmonic microscopy of monolayer MoS2 N. Kumar, S. Najmaei, Q. Cui, F. Ceballos, P. M. Ajayan, J. Lou, H. Zhao
4 2.21 26 2012/05/22 Efficiency of Isothermal Molecular Machines at Maximum Power C. Van Den Broeck, N. Kumar, K. Lindenberg
5 1.95 17 2013/03/18 Third harmonic generation in graphene and few-layer graphite films N. Kumar, J. Kumar, C. Gerstenkorn, R. Wang, H. Y. Chiu, A. L. Smirl, H. Zhao
6 1.74 37 2009/11/25 Magnetic structure of EuFe2As2 determined by single-crystal neutron diffraction Y. Xiao, Y. Su, M. Meven, R. Mittal, C. M. Kumar, T. Chatterji, S. Price, J. Persson, N. Kumar, ..., T. Brueckel
7 1.53 13 2014/03/24 Exciton-exciton annihilation in MoSe2 monolayers N. Kumar, Q. Cui, F. Ceballos, D. He, Y. Wang, H. Zhao
8 1.50 1 2016/10/24 Charge and longitudinal momentum distributions in transverse coordinate space C. Mondal, N. Kumar, H. Dahiya, D. Chakrabarti
9 1.40 54 1994/10/01 Localization of light in coherently amplifying random media P. Pradhan, N. Kumar
10 0.91 6 2014/12/31 Exact Distributions for Stochastic Gene Expression Models with Bursting and Feedback N. Kumar, T. Platini, R. V. Kulkarni
11 0.88 14 2010/06/25 Self-Modulation Instability of a Long Proton Bunch in Plasmas N. Kumar, A. Pukhov, K. Lotov
12 0.87 12 1987/10/19 Weak localization in two and three dimensions: Dephasing by zero-point motion N. Kumar, D. V. Baxter, R. Richter, J. O. Strom-Olsen
13 0.75 19 2009/10/13 Magnetic structure of EuFe2As2 as determined by resonant x-ray scattering J. Herrero-Martín, V. Scagnoli, C. Mazzoli, Y. Su, R. Mittal, Y. Xiao, T. Brueckel, N. Kumar, S. K. Dhar, ..., L. Paolasini
14 0.65 75 1992/03/01 Temperature dependence of the c-axis resistivity of high-Tc layered oxides N. Kumar, A. M. Jayannavar
15 0.59 28 1982/02/22 Nondiffusive Quantum Transport in a Dynamically Disordered Medium A. M. Jayannavar, N. Kumar
16 0.58 29 2005/08/08 Suppression of Superconductivity in Zinc Nanowires by Bulk Superconductors M. Tian, N. Kumar, S. Xu, J. Wang, J. S. Kurtz, M. H. Chan
17 0.58 10 2011/07/11 Baryons and baryonic matter in the large Nc and heavy quark limits T. D. Cohen, N. Kumar, K. K. Ndousse
18 0.52 17 2012/03/15 Stochastically driven single-level quantum dot: A nanoscale finite-time thermodynamic machine and its various operational modes M. Esposito, N. Kumar, K. Lindenberg, C. Van Den Broeck
19 0.49 5 2014/09/08 LHC search for di-Higgs decays of stoponium and other scalars in events with two photons and two bottom jets N. Kumar, S. P. Martin
20 0.47 15 2010/08/02 Memory-induced anomalous dynamics: Emergence of diffusion, subdiffusion, and superdiffusion from a single random walk model N. Kumar, U. Harbola, K. Lindenberg