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1 7.34 158 2008/08/18 LiFeAs: An intrinsic FeAs-based superconductor with Tc=18 K J. H. Tapp, Z. Tang, B. Lv, K. Sasmal, B. Lorenz, P. C. Chu, A. M. Guloy
2 5.57 173 2008/09/05 Superconducting Fe-Based Compounds (A1-xSrx)Fe2As2 with A=K and Cs with Transition Temperatures up to 37 K K. Sasmal, B. Lv, B. Lorenz, A. M. Guloy, F. Chen, Y. Y. Xue, C. W. Chu
3 3.28 46 2013/02/05 Observation of Temperature-Induced Crossover to an Orbital-Selective Mott Phase in AxFe2-ySe2 (A=K, Rb) Superconductors M. Yi, D. H. Lu, R. Yu, S. C. Riggs, J. H. Chu, B. Lv, Z. K. Liu, M. Lu, Y. T. Cui, ..., Z. X. Shen
4 2.16 11 2014/12/11 Meissner and mesoscopic superconducting states in 1–4 unit-cell FeSe films L. Z. Deng, B. Lv, Z. Wu, Y. Y. Xue, W. H. Zhang, F. S. Li, L. L. Wang, X. C. Ma, Q. K. Xue, ..., C. W. Chu
5 0.86 42 2008/08/14 Raman-scattering study of KxSr1xFe2As2 (x=0.0,0.4) A. P. Litvinchuk, V. G. Hadjiev, M. N. Iliev, B. Lv, A. M. Guloy, C. W. Chu
6 0.63 27 2010/04/30 A75s nuclear magnetic resonance study of antiferromagnetic fluctuations in the normal state of LiFeAs P. Jeglič, A. Potočnik, M. Klanjšek, M. Bobnar, M. Jagodič, K. Koch, H. Rosner, S. Margadonna, B. Lv, ..., D. Arčon
7 0.60 15 2009/03/05 Evidence of quantum criticality in the phase diagram of KxSr1xFe2As2 from measurements of transport and thermoelectricity M. Gooch, B. Lv, B. Lorenz, A. M. Guloy, C. W. Chu
8 0.46 16 2013/07/25 Absence of zero-energy surface bound states in CuxBi2Se3 studied via Andreev reflection spectroscopy H. Peng, D. De, B. Lv, F. Wei, C. W. Chu
9 0.33 20 2010/04/28 Evidence for multiple gaps in the specific heat of LiFeAs crystals F. Wei, F. Chen, K. Sasmal, B. Lv, Z. J. Tang, Y. Y. Xue, A. M. Guloy, C. W. Chu
10 0.32 16 2010/04/22 Lower critical field, anisotropy, and two-gap features of LiFeAs K. Sasmal, B. Lv, Z. Tang, F. Y. Wei, Y. Y. Xue, A. M. Guloy, C. W. Chu
11 0.01 9 2008/11/25 Pressure-induced shift of Tc in KxSr1xFe2As2 (x=0.2,0.4,0.7): Analogy to the high-Tc cuprate superconductors M. Gooch, B. Lv, B. Lorenz, A. M. Guloy, C. W. Chu
12 -0.06 2 2015/11/04 Chemical doping and high-pressure studies of layered βPdBi2 single crystals K. Zhao, B. Lv, Y. Y. Xue, X. Y. Zhu, L. Z. Deng, Z. Wu, C. W. Chu
13 -0.08 6 2013/05/17 Nanoscale surface element identification and dopant homogeneity in the high-Tc superconductor PrxCa1xFe2As2 I. Zeljkovic, D. Huang, C. L. Song, B. Lv, C. W. Chu, J. E. Hoffman
14 -0.17 4 2013/01/22 Anomalous hysteresis as evidence for a magnetic-field-induced chiral superconducting state in LiFeAs G. Li, R. R. Urbano, P. Goswami, C. Tarantini, B. Lv, P. Kuhns, A. P. Reyes, C. W. Chu, L. Balicas
15 -0.21 0 2016/02/12 Evidence for defect-induced superconductivity up to 49 K in (Ca1xRx)Fe2As2 L. Z. Deng, B. Lv, K. Zhao, F. Y. Wei, Y. Y. Xue, Z. Wu, C. W. Chu
16 -0.21 4 2013/01/10 Disorder-induced bulk superconductivity in ZrTe3 single crystals via growth control X. Zhu, B. Lv, F. Wei, Y. Xue, B. Lorenz, L. Deng, Y. Sun, C. W. Chu
17 -0.25 1 2015/03/23 High-pressure and doping studies of the superconducting antiperovskite SrPt3P B. I. Jawdat, B. Lv, X. Zhu, Y. Xue, C. W. Chu
18 -0.27 4 2011/08/11 Incommensurate spin-density wave and a multiband superconducting phase in NaxFeAs revealed by nuclear magnetic resonance M. Klanjšek, P. Jeglič, B. Lv, A. M. Guloy, C. W. Chu, D. Arčon
19 -0.27 6 2009/05/18 Unusual doping dependence of superconductivity in NayFeAs K. Sasmal, B. Lv, Z. J. Tang, F. Chen, Y. Y. Xue, B. Lorenz, A. M. Guloy, C. W. Chu
20 -0.29 5 2012/02/13 Specular Andreev Reflection in the Interface of a Two-Dimensional Semiconductor with Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupling and a d-Wave Superconductor B. Lv, C. Zhang, Z. Ma