Papers by K. F. Mak

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1 21.31 370 2010/09/24 Atomically Thin MoS2: A New Direct-Gap Semiconductor K. F. Mak, C. Lee, J. Hone, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
2 7.72 133 2008/11/07 Measurement of the Optical Conductivity of Graphene K. F. Mak, M. Y. Sfeir, Y. Wu, C. H. Lui, J. A. Misewich, T. F. Heinz
3 3.82 94 2009/06/26 Observation of an Electric-Field-Induced Band Gap in Bilayer Graphene by Infrared Spectroscopy K. F. Mak, C. H. Lui, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
4 7.17 51 2014/07/10 Tightly Bound Excitons in Monolayer WSe2 K. He, N. Kumar, L. Zhao, Z. Wang, K. F. Mak, H. Zhao, J. Shan
5 2.87 50 2011/01/25 Seeing Many-Body Effects in Single- and Few-Layer Graphene: Observation of Two-Dimensional Saddle-Point Excitons K. F. Mak, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
6 1.37 35 2010/09/16 Ultrafast Photoluminescence from Graphene C. H. Lui, K. F. Mak, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
7 0.57 28 2010/04/29 Electronic Structure of Few-Layer Graphene: Experimental Demonstration of Strong Dependence on Stacking Sequence K. F. Mak, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
8 1.05 24 2010/06/03 Electron and Optical Phonon Temperatures in Electrically Biased Graphene S. Berciaud, M. Y. Han, K. F. Mak, L. E. Brus, P. Kim, T. F. Heinz
9 5.61 23 2015/01/22 Breaking of Valley Degeneracy by Magnetic Field in Monolayer MoSe2 D. MacNeill, C. Heikes, K. F. Mak, Z. Anderson, O. Kormányos, V. Zólyomi, J. Park, D. C. Ralph
10 3.48 21 2013/05/13 Observation of intense second harmonic generation from MoS2 atomic crystals L. M. Malard, T. V. Alencar, A. P. Barboza, K. F. Mak, A. M. De Paula
11 0.78 20 2009/09/17 Time-resolved Raman spectroscopy of optical phonons in graphite: Phonon anharmonic coupling and anomalous stiffening H. Yan, D. Song, K. F. Mak, I. Chatzakis, J. Maultzsch, T. F. Heinz
12 0.28 13 2012/04/10 Structure-Dependent Fano Resonances in the Infrared Spectra of Phonons in Few-Layer Graphene Z. Li, C. H. Lui, E. Cappelluti, L. Benfatto, K. F. Mak, G. L. Carr, J. Shan, T. F. Heinz
13 0.57 10 2014/08/26 Possible Topological Superconducting Phases of MoS2 N. F. Yuan, K. F. Mak, K. T. Law
14 0.56 9 2014/05/20 Tuning Many-Body Interactions in Graphene: The Effects of Doping on Excitons and Carrier Lifetimes K. F. Mak, F. H. Jornada, K. He, J. Deslippe, N. Petrone, J. Hone, J. Shan, S. G. Louie, T. F. Heinz
15 -0.32 0 2016/08/29 Gate Tuning of Electronic Phase Transitions in Two-Dimensional NbSe2 X. Xi, H. Berger, L. Forró, J. Shan, K. F. Mak
16 -0.66 0 2015/09/14 Supercontinuum generation in the vacuum ultraviolet through dispersive-wave and soliton-plasma interaction in a noble-gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber A. Ermolov, K. F. Mak, M. H. Frosz, J. C. Travers, P. S. Russell