Papers by J. D. Teufel

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 0.86 5 2016/01/26 Mechanically Mediated Microwave Frequency Conversion in the Quantum Regime F. Lecocq, J. B. Clark, R. W. Simmonds, J. Aumentado, J. D. Teufel
2 1.08 4 2016/01/06 Overwhelming Thermomechanical Motion with Microwave Radiation Pressure Shot Noise J. D. Teufel, F. Lecocq, R. W. Simmonds
3 6.84 20 2015/12/07 Quantum Nondemolition Measurement of a Nonclassical State of a Massive Object F. Lecocq, J. B. Clark, R. W. Simmonds, J. Aumentado, J. D. Teufel
4 -0.10 5 2014/07/14 Tunable-cavity QED with phase qubits J. D. Whittaker, F. C. Silva, M. S. Allman, F. Lecocq, K. Cicak, A. J. Sirois, J. D. Teufel, J. Aumentado, R. W. Simmonds
5 -0.05 6 2014/03/26 Tunable Resonant and Nonresonant Interactions between a Phase Qubit and LC Resonator M. S. Allman, J. D. Whittaker, M. Castellanos-Beltran, K. Cicak, F. D. Silva, M. P. DeFeo, F. Lecocq, A. Sirois, J. D. Teufel, ..., R. W. Simmonds
6 2.73 33 2013/08/02 Signatures of Nonlinear Cavity Optomechanics in the Weak Coupling Regime K. Børkje, A. Nunnenkamp, J. D. Teufel, S. M. Girvin
7 -0.40 4 2010/09/14 Measurement crosstalk between two phase qubits coupled by a coplanar waveguide F. Altomare, K. Cicak, M. A. Sillanpää, M. S. Allman, A. J. Sirois, D. Li, J. I. Park, J. A. Strong, J. D. Teufel, ..., R. W. Simmonds
8 1.17 29 2010/04/29 rf-SQUID-Mediated Coherent Tunable Coupling between a Superconducting Phase Qubit and a Lumped-Element Resonator M. S. Allman, F. Altomare, J. D. Whittaker, K. Cicak, D. Li, A. Sirois, J. Strong, J. D. Teufel, R. W. Simmonds
9 2.79 48 2008/11/03 Dynamical Backaction of Microwave Fields on a Nanomechanical Oscillator J. D. Teufel, J. W. Harlow, C. A. Regal, K. W. Lehnert