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1 10.23 167 2009/12/23 Experimental Demonstration of Topological Surface States Protected by Time-Reversal Symmetry T. Zhang, P. Cheng, X. Chen, J. F. Jia, X. Ma, K. He, L. Wang, H. Zhang, X. Dai, ..., Q. K. Xue
2 7.84 81 2012/08/03 Evidence for Dirac Fermions in a Honeycomb Lattice Based on Silicon L. Chen, C. C. Liu, B. Feng, X. He, P. Cheng, Z. Ding, S. Meng, Y. Yao, K. Wu
3 6.90 77 2011/02/28 Superconductivity at 32 K in single-crystalline RbxFe2-ySe2 A. F. Wang, J. J. Ying, Y. J. Yan, R. H. Liu, X. G. Luo, Z. Y. Li, X. F. Wang, M. Zhang, G. J. Ye, ..., X. H. Chen
4 5.91 78 2009/10/16 Roles of multiband effects and electron-hole asymmetry in the superconductivity and normal-state properties of Ba(Fe1xCox)2As2 L. Fang, H. Luo, P. Cheng, Z. Wang, Y. Jia, G. Mu, B. Shen, I. I. Mazin, L. Shan, ..., H. H. Wen
5 3.95 105 2010/01/22 Contrasting Spin Dynamics between Underdoped and Overdoped Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 F. L. Ning, K. Ahilan, T. Imai, A. S. Sefat, M. A. Mcguire, B. C. Sales, D. Mandrus, P. Cheng, B. Shen, ..., H. H. Wen
6 3.47 79 2010/08/09 Landau Quantization of Topological Surface States in Bi2Se3 P. Cheng, C. Song, T. Zhang, Y. Zhang, Y. Wang, J. F. Jia, J. Wang, Y. Wang, B. F. Zhu, ..., Q. K. Xue
7 2.59 33 2009/07/10 Superconductivity and phase diagrams of the 4d- and 5d-metal-doped iron arsenides SrFe2xMxAs2 (M=Rh,Ir,Pd) F. Han, X. Zhu, P. Cheng, G. Mu, Y. Jia, L. Fang, Y. Wang, H. Luo, B. Zeng, ..., H. H. Wen
8 2.58 27 2013/02/20 Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Dynamic Phase Transition in Monolayer Silicene L. Chen, H. Li, B. Feng, Z. Ding, J. Qiu, P. Cheng, K. Wu, S. Meng
9 2.50 45 2011/08/02 Measurements of the Anisotropic In-Plane Resistivity of Underdoped FeAs-Based Pnictide Superconductors J. J. Ying, X. F. Wang, T. Wu, Z. J. Xiang, R. H. Liu, Y. J. Yan, A. F. Wang, M. Zhang, G. J. Ye, ..., X. H. Chen
10 2.19 49 2009/06/22 Transition of stoichiometric Sr2VO3FeAs to a superconducting state at 37.2 K X. Zhu, F. Han, G. Mu, P. Cheng, B. Shen, B. Zeng, H. H. Wen
11 1.75 41 2008/11/07 Probing Superexchange Interaction in Molecular Magnets by Spin-Flip Spectroscopy and Microscopy X. Chen, Y. S. Fu, S. H. Ji, T. Zhang, P. Cheng, X. C. Ma, X. L. Zou, W. H. Duan, J. F. Jia, ..., Q. K. Xue
12 1.40 25 2012/06/18 Phase diagram and calorimetric properties of NaFe1xCoxAs A. F. Wang, X. G. Luo, Y. J. Yan, J. J. Ying, Z. J. Xiang, G. J. Ye, P. Cheng, Z. Y. Li, W. J. Hu, ..., X. H. Chen
13 1.28 56 2008/11/21 Upper critical fields and thermally-activated transport of NdFeAsO0.7F0.3 single crystal J. Jaroszynski, F. Hunte, L. Balicas, Y. J. Jo, I. Raičević, A. Gurevich, D. C. Larbalestier, F. F. Balakirev, L. Fang, ..., H. H. Wen
14 0.99 29 2011/06/13 Superconductivity and magnetic properties of single crystals of K0.75Fe1.66Se2 and Cs0.81Fe1.61Se2 J. J. Ying, X. F. Wang, X. G. Luo, A. F. Wang, M. Zhang, Y. J. Yan, Z. J. Xiang, R. H. Liu, P. Cheng, ..., X. H. Chen
15 0.67 17 2012/02/14 Identification of magnetic dopants on the surfaces of topological insulators: Experiment and theory for Fe on Bi2Te3(111) D. West, Y. Y. Sun, S. B. Zhang, T. Zhang, X. Ma, P. Cheng, Y. Y. Zhang, X. Chen, J. F. Jia, ..., Q. K. Xue
16 0.61 16 2011/12/29 Power-law decay of standing waves on the surface of topological insulators J. Wang, W. Li, P. Cheng, C. Song, T. Zhang, P. Deng, X. Chen, X. Ma, K. He, ..., B. F. Zhu
17 0.59 15 2008/10/30 Calorimetric determination of the upper critical fields and anisotropy of NdFeAsO1xFx single crystals U. Welp, R. Xie, A. E. Koshelev, W. K. Kwok, P. Cheng, L. Fang, H. H. Wen
18 0.46 27 2010/01/05 Flux dynamics and vortex phase diagram in Ba(Fe1xCox)2As2 single crystals revealed by magnetization and its relaxation B. Shen, P. Cheng, Z. Wang, L. Fang, C. Ren, L. Shan, H. H. Wen
19 0.46 3 2012/10/01 Superconductivity in YbxMyHfNCl (M=NH3 and THF) G. Ye, J. Ying, Y. Yan, X. Luo, P. Cheng, Z. Xiang, A. Wang, X. Chen
20 0.42 20 2011/02/24 Measurement of a Sign-Changing Two-Gap Superconducting Phase in Electron-Doped Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 Single Crystals Using Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy M. L. Teague, G. K. Drayna, G. P. Lockhart, P. Cheng, B. Shen, H. H. Wen, N. C. Yeh