Papers by S. Benedetti

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 0.48 13 2008/11/11 Structure and morphology of thin MgO films on Mo(001) S. Benedetti, P. Torelli, S. Valeri, H. M. Benia, N. Nilius, G. Renaud
2 -0.14 3 2009/01/13 Morphology-induced magnetic phase transitions in Fe deposits on MgO films investigated with XMCD and STM P. Torelli, S. Benedetti, P. Luches, L. Gragnaniello, J. Fujii, S. Valeri
3 -0.19 4 2012/11/06 Electronic and electrostatic properties of polar oxide nanostructures: MgO(111) islands on Au(111) N. Nilius, S. Benedetti, Y. Pan, P. Myrach, C. Noguera, L. Giordano, J. Goniakowski
4 -0.30 5 2010/02/22 Magnetic couplings and exchange bias in Fe/NiO epitaxial layers P. Luches, S. Benedetti, A. Di Bona, S. Valeri
5 -0.35 3 2011/03/23 Growth and morphology of metal particles on MgO/Mo(001): A comparative STM and diffraction study S. Benedetti, P. Myrach, A. Di Bona, S. Valeri, N. Nilius, H. J. Freund
6 -0.36 2 2011/08/11 Change of the surface electronic structure of Au(111) by a monolayer MgO(001) film Y. Pan, S. Benedetti, N. Nilius, H. J. Freund
7 -0.36 3 2012/10/02 K-edge x-ray absorption spectra in transition-metal oxides beyond the single-particle approximation: Shake-up many-body effects M. Calandra, J. P. Rue, C. Gougoussis, D. Céolin, M. Gorgoi, S. Benedetti, P. Torelli, A. Shukla, D. Chandesris, ..., C. Brouder
8 -0.60 0 2011/03/15 Interfacial magnetic structure in Fe/NiO(001) P. Luches, L. Pasquini, S. Benedetti, V. Bellini, S. Valeri, F. Manghi, R. Rüffer, F. Boscherini