Papers by D. Pilon

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1 3.13 41 2011/11/11 Observation of a Warped Helical Spin Texture in Bi2Se3 from Circular Dichroism Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Y. H. Wang, D. Hsieh, D. Pilon, L. Fu, D. R. Gardner, Y. S. Lee, N. Gedik
2 1.59 19 2008/12/19 Highly flexible wide angle of incidence terahertz metamaterial absorber: Design, fabrication, and characterization H. Tao, C. M. Bingham, A. C. Strikwerda, D. Pilon, D. Shrekenhamer, N. I. Landy, K. Fan, X. Zhang, W. J. Padilla, ..., R. D. Averitt