Papers by S. Aoudia

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1 2.85 9 2016/01/06 Science with the space-based interferometer eLISA: Supermassive black hole binaries A. Klein, E. Barausse, A. Sesana, A. Petiteau, E. Berti, S. Babak, J. Gair, S. Aoudia, I. Hinder, ..., B. Wardell
2 -0.41 1 2009/05/15 Laser with an in-loop relative frequency stability of 1.0×1021 on a 100-ms time scale for gravitational-wave detection F. Acernese, M. Alshourbagy, F. Antonucci, S. Aoudia, K. G. Arun, P. Astone, G. Ballardin, F. Barone, L. Barsotti, ..., M. Yvert
3 -0.56 0 2011/03/21 Source-free integration method for black hole perturbations and self-force computation: Radial fall S. Aoudia, A. D. Spallicci