Papers by M. Barkeshli

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 -0.06 0 2016/12/29 Translational Symmetry and Microscopic Constraints on Symmetry-Enriched Topological Phases: A View from the Surface M. Cheng, M. Zaletel, M. Barkeshli, A. Vishwanath, P. Bonderson
2 -0.32 0 2016/10/05 Modular transformations through sequences of topological charge projections M. Barkeshli, M. Freedman
3 0.48 1 2016/08/24 Charge 2e/3 Superconductivity and Topological Degeneracies without Localized Zero Modes in Bilayer Fractional Quantum Hall States M. Barkeshli
4 -0.51 0 2015/11/30 Chirality-protected Majorana zero modes at the gapless edge of Abelian quantum Hall states J. Cano, M. Cheng, M. Barkeshli, D. J. Clarke, C. Nayak
5 2.81 19 2015/10/23 Particle-hole symmetry and the composite Fermi liquid M. Barkeshli, M. Mulligan, M. P. Fisher
6 -0.17 4 2015/07/07 Continuous Preparation of a Fractional Chern Insulator M. Barkeshli, N. Y. Yao, C. R. Laumann
7 1.86 8 2015/07/02 Abelian and non-Abelian states in ν=2/3 bilayer fractional quantum Hall systems M. R. Peterson, Y. L. Wu, M. Cheng, M. Barkeshli, Z. Wang, S. D. Sarma
8 -0.07 6 2015/01/13 Generalized Kitaev Models and Extrinsic Non-Abelian Twist Defects M. Barkeshli, H. C. Jiang, R. Thomale, X. L. Qi
9 1.06 17 2014/12/03 Fibonacci Anyons From Abelian Bilayer Quantum Hall States A. Vaezi, M. Barkeshli
10 0.85 16 2014/11/20 Synthetic Topological Qubits in Conventional Bilayer Quantum Hall Systems M. Barkeshli, X. L. Qi
11 -0.07 5 2014/06/13 Continuous transition between fractional quantum Hall and superfluid states M. Barkeshli, J. McGreevy
12 1.12 20 2013/12/04 Classification of topological defects in Abelian topological states M. Barkeshli, C. M. Jian, X. L. Qi
13 2.71 33 2013/12/02 Theory of defects in Abelian topological states M. Barkeshli, C. M. Jian, X. L. Qi
14 1.14 15 2013/09/05 Non-Fermi liquids and the Wiedemann-Franz law R. Mahajan, M. Barkeshli, S. A. Hartnoll
15 -0.36 5 2013/04/02 Gapless spin liquids: Stability and possible experimental relevance M. Barkeshli, H. Yao, S. A. Kivelson
16 3.78 62 2013/01/31 Twist defects and projective non-Abelian braiding statistics M. Barkeshli, C. M. Jian, X. L. Qi
17 4.24 100 2012/08/24 Topological Nematic States and Non-Abelian Lattice Dislocations M. Barkeshli, X. L. Qi
18 -0.31 6 2012/08/21 Continuous transitions between composite Fermi liquid and Landau Fermi liquid: A route to fractionalized Mott insulators M. Barkeshli, J. Mcgreevy
19 -0.36 3 2012/08/16 Quantum Spin Liquids and the Metal-Insulator Transition in Doped Semiconductors A. C. Potter, M. Barkeshli, J. Mcgreevy, T. Senthil
20 0.94 18 2012/08/13 Phase transitions in ZN gauge theory and twisted ZN topological phases M. Barkeshli, X. G. Wen