Papers by D. Jennings

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.53 29 2015/04/01 Quantum Coherence, Time-Translation Symmetry, and Thermodynamics M. Lostaglio, K. Korzekwa, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
2 2.76 17 2014/07/08 Quantum Steering Ellipsoids S. Jevtic, M. Pusey, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
3 2.18 12 2012/10/09 Distinct Quantum States Can Be Compatible with a Single State of Reality P. G. Lewis, D. Jennings, J. Barrett, T. Rudolph
4 1.73 4 2014/11/18 Reexamination of pure qubit work extraction M. F. Frenzel, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
5 0.87 10 2014/04/29 Quantum and classical entropic uncertainty relations K. Korzekwa, M. Lostaglio, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
6 0.68 8 2010/06/23 Entanglement and the thermodynamic arrow of time D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
7 0.31 5 2014/08/21 Quantum correlations of two-qubit states with one maximally mixed marginal A. Milne, D. Jennings, S. Jevtic, T. Rudolph
8 0.23 6 2012/03/14 Maximally and Minimally Correlated States Attainable within a Closed Evolving System S. Jevtic, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
9 0.02 5 2014/05/12 Operational constraints on state-dependent formulations of quantum error-disturbance trade-off relations K. Korzekwa, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
10 -0.04 4 2010/09/22 Dynamics of a quantum reference frame undergoing selective measurements and coherent interactions M. Ahmadi, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
11 -0.12 5 2010/09/29 Photonic implementation for the topological cluster-state quantum computer D. A. Herrera-Martí, A. G. Fowler, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
12 -0.14 2 2015/07/10 Geometric representation of two-qubit entanglement witnesses A. Milne, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
13 -0.21 7 2009/12/18 Transitions in the computational power of thermal states for measurement-based quantum computation S. D. Barrett, S. D. Bartlett, A. C. Doherty, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
14 -0.31 6 2009/09/23 Quantum computation via measurements on the low-temperature state of a many-body system D. Jennings, A. Dragan, S. D. Barrett, S. D. Bartlett, T. Rudolph
15 -0.43 2 2010/04/09 Comment on “Quantum Solution to the Arrow-of-Time Dilemma” D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
16 -0.55 1 2012/05/23 Quantum mutual information along unitary orbits S. Jevtic, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
17 -0.64 0 2015/10/06 Exchange fluctuation theorem for correlated quantum systems S. Jevtic, T. Rudolph, D. Jennings, Y. Hirono, S. Nakayama, M. Murao
18 -0.65 0 2011/07/05 Optimal primitive reference frames D. Jennings